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Go Pedometer: View Walk Speed & Calories Burned Without GPS [iPhone]

Ever since I discovered the amazing workout tracker Endomondo, I have been using it to track my walks and to find out the exact distances I usually travel. As awesome and comprehensive as that app is, there’s still a little problem with it. The stats collected and displayed by Endomondo are based solely on GPS data, and if you are in an area where GPS signals are weak (or maybe you are just working out indoors), then all GPS dependent apps are rendered useless. Shouldn’t there be a way of using your iPhone as a walking assistant even if you are using it indoors? Fortunately, the hardware in most iOS devices is capable of acting as a pedometer, and Go Pedometer is an iOS app that takes full advantage of this capability. The app will count your steps based on the readings it gets from the device’s gyroscope while you are walking or jogging, and from that step count, Go Pedometer will provide you with a relatively accurate estimation of your speed, the distance you have traveled and the number of calories burnt during the workout.

Go Pedometer Home Go Pedometer Map Go Pedometer Music

Like all apps of its genre, Go Pedometer cannot run in the background or under lockscreen, but it tackles this problem by coming up with a lockscreen of its own, so that you won’t end up inadvertently pressing buttons while jogging. In addition to that, the app also has a music player to ensure that you get everything you need for your workout without having to leave the Go Pedometer app. You can import any song you want to the app from your iPhone or iPod touch’s music library. To get the walking/jogging session started, make your way to the app’s Go screen and hit the Start button. You will be given a 3 second head start, and after that Go Pedometer begins counting your steps. The main screen shows the time elapsed since the start of the session, number of steps taken during the session, burned calories, distance traveled and your current/average speed.

Go Pedometer History Go Pedometer Graph

Hitting the Map button at the top of the screen, you can view your progress on the area’s map. It is also possible to share your route over your social network or through email. The History section of Go Pedometer displays stats from all your previous walks, and you can view those stats in graphical form too, by heading to the Graph tab of the app. In the Settings section of Go Pedometer, users have to enter their weight and height, so that the calorie count can be as accurate as possible.

Go Pedometer is a free app, and optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. You can give it a try if other sports trackers give you too much trouble due to weak GPS signal strength.

Download Go Pedometer for iOS

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