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Edit & Upload Videos To YouTube From iPhone With YouTube Capture

The official YouTube client for iOS, which was released a few months back, turned out to be quite similar to its Android counterpart. There were, however, a few glaring omissions for mysterious reasons, the most obvious one being the option to upload videos. The layout of the account page is similar to the Android app, but the Upload button is nowhere to be found. This mystery just got cleared up a few hours ago with the release of YouTube Capture for iPhone. Apparently, Google wants you to have a standalone app for uploading videos, but to be fair, YouTube Capture does have some extra goodies that make having the app worthwhile. You can enhance your videos and add background music to them. It is also possible to trim clips before uploading them, and there are options for managing your past uploads as well.

YouTube Capture iOS Camera YouTube Capture iOS Settings

While some of you might question the decision of having a separate app for this purpose, it does make sense to keep the YouTube app itself bloat-free for most people who don’t really need to upload videos, and just want to watch them. Since the whole point of the app is to let users upload videos to their YouTube account, you will have to sign in before doing anything else. YouTube Capture starts with a step-by-step tutorial that also offers a few configuration choices. You can associate your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the app during the set up procedure for easy sharing, while options like video quality and image stabilization let you fine-tune your video. Once you are done, the camera screen shows up. To make it as convenient as possible, you can begin shooting simply by holding your device in landscape mode (there is the usual red recording button as well). YouTube Capture supports both front and rear cams, with the option to switch between them located in the top-right corner. While shooting a video, tap any part of the screen to adjust focus. If the clip you want to upload is already in the camera roll, hit the small bottom-right button instead.

The settings menu of YouTube Capture lets you determine the default recording quality; 430p and 720p are the two available options in this regard. You can also toggle the ‘Rotate to begin recording’ and ‘Landscape lock’ features from the same menu.

YouTube Capture iOS Share Menu YouTube Capture iOS Enhance YouTube Capture iOS Past Uploads

Once you are done recording or have chosen a video to upload from camera roll, YouTube Capture takes you to its uploading screen. You can add a caption here, select sharing options, and make changes to the video if you want. The ‘Enhance’ menu lets you apply ‘Color correction and stabilizations. The ‘Trim’ menu is easy to use, allowing you to choose a particular portion of the video to upload while discarding the rest. Arguably, the best feature of this enhancement suite is ‘YouTube Soundtracks’. This option can replace the clip’s sound with any of the listed tracks, or you can choose to overlap this music on the existing sound.

Uploaded videos can be managed from the ‘Videos’ section of YouTube Capture. For individual clips, there are options for tinkering with properties like visibility, tags, licensing and categories. You can even delete videos from within the app itself.

We are sure a lot of people are going to label YouTube Capture as redundant, but you have to admit that the whole concept of bringing editing, management and sharing to one app is kind of neat. In any case, YouTube Capture won’t cost you anything, since this iPhone-optimized app is available in the App Store as a free download.

Download YouTube Capture For iOS

YouTube Capture iPad

Update: Despite the fact that you are not likely to look very good shooting videos from your iPad, YouTube Capture has just gone universal. The app isn’t much different from its iPhone counterpart, and only has minor interface changes. You can upload videos to YouTube from the camera roll, or shoot new ones right from within the app.

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