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Grabby Adds Four Camera Grabber-Like Custom App Shortcuts To iOS Lock Screen

No matter how many apps you have installed on your iPhone, the Spotlight search area can always help you in getting to the desired app without much fuss. iOS also has folders and a dock to help users keep their SpringBoard organized. Despite all that, it has to be admitted that the most easily accessible part of iOS is its lock screen. Since your device’s camera is often needed in a hurry, the presence of camera grabber on the lock screen in quite important. Won’t it be nice though, if there was some equally secure way of launching other apps from the lock screen as well? In the past, we have seen tweaks like AnyLock, which allows users to place widgets and app shortcuts on the lock screen. Another similar tweak goes by the name of LockLauncher. The newly released Grabby, however, takes a much less-exotic approach to attain the same end result. With Grabby, users can get four grabbers on the lock screen, and set each of them to launch the apps of their choice.

Grabby iOS Settings Grabby iOS LS

The concept of replacing the camera grabber slider with a shortcut for a third-party app is not new by any means. AnyLockApp has already done this in the past, but there is more to Grabby than just changing the behavior of the camera grabber. You can, of course, configure the original grabber to launch any app you want, but the tweak adds three new grabbers to the mix as well. Before getting started though, it’s better if you head to the stock Settings app and open the Grabby menu.

There are just four options in Grabby, each representing a shortcut icon to be added to the lock screen. Graphically, the icon represent camera, music, phone and messages, regardless of the app you assign to each. However, the shortcuts work for any apps, both stock and third-party.

At first, you might think that the tweak hasn’t made any change to your device, but that’s because the changes it makes are pretty well-concealed. To call Grabby into action, long-press the camera grabber icon and slide it to the left. This reveals the three new grabbers added to the lock screen (the unlock slider is temporarily replaced). Once the grabber of your choice is highlighted, swipe upwards and the app behind it shows up.

Grabby is a tweak by Ryan Petrich and like most of his other releases, you have to download it from the developer’s personal repo. Simply go to Cydia’s ‘Sources’ section, and add the following repository there.


Grabby is available for free, and does not come with any particular firmware requirements.


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