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Groove 2: Rediscover Your iPhone Music Library, Get Missing Album Art & New Mixes Of Favorite Songs

Unless you pay particular attention to it, the Music app in iPhone and iPad can be a real mess. A lot of songs have their album art and artist info missing, while the alphabetical arrangement of tracks might lead the user to completely forget about some decent songs. Groove 2 is an app that addresses all such pesky music-related issues. The app is just another iOS music player on the surface, but once you start using it, Groove will take care of just about everything that has got anything to do with your iPhone or iPad’s music library. The album art and other song information will be fixed, you will be able to learn more about your own music collection, and on top of all that, the app can create smart mixes of songs and artists that you like!

Groove 2 Home Groove 2 Settings

Groove 2 scans your music library automatically when it is launched for the first time. While this might take a few minutes, the results make the wait completely worthwhile. The Home section of the Groove app is divided into 2 main parts; In the Spotlight and Favorites. Both these menus are populated based on your own music library and playlists. The spotlight area can contain songs, artists or genres, and this is the section that might come up with forgotten and ignored tracks from your collection. If you want to listen to songs that you play frequently, the Favorites section is where you should be headed to. To get access to more options, hit the menu button, located in the top left corner of the main screen. From this menu you can look for songs based on their genre, artist or tags. The Settings section located in the main menu is pretty thorough. It lets you choose the number of songs you want to add to each automatic playlist, enable automatic downloads of album art and other similar tasks. It is also possible to change the way gestures work in the app. By default, shaking your device plays a random track, swiping to the right or left of the bottom bar changes the song while double-tapping the music player initiates full-screen mode.

Groove 2 Player Groove 2 Player Options

Groove 2 is a good app for finding new mixes of your favorite songs. The Surprise Me button will play any song from your library that hasn’t been played for quite a while. Groovy Mix looks for similar songs, or other songs from the same artist to come up with a refreshing, new song mix. Apart from that, Groove 2 can be configured to post all your plays straight to your social network, if you hit the Enable Scrobbling button in the Actions menu of the player.

Groove 2 has gone free for a limited time, and is a universal app that can be grabbed by heading to the following link.

Download Groove 2 for iOS


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