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Group iOS App Store & Cydia Settings Entries Into Separate Screens

The popularity of FolderIcons and Velox tweaks shows how much importance iOS users give to folders. Velox, in particular, has managed to revolutionize the way folders are viewed by people, by adding a whole new dimension to this iOS feature. If you stop and think about it, an iDevice (or any other smartphone, for that matter) can function perfectly without folders, but if you want even a semblance of organization on your Home screen, folder are necessary. Apart from their design, iOS folders haven’t changed much since their introduction in iOS 4. There is an annoying limit on the number of icons that a folder can accommodate, and you cannot create folders within folders. The Cydia store, however, has a solution for everything. FolderEnhancer can be used to create folders within folders, while tweaks like Preference Folders go a step further by letting you create folders inside the Settings app. PreferenceOrganizer can be considered a free and simplified version of the same tweak, and it is particularly useful for iOS 6 users because PreferenceFolders has not been updated for iOS 6 yet.

PreferenceOrganizer iOS Cydua PreferenceOrganizer iOS Folders PreferenceOrganizer iOS Cydia Group

If you have a lot of apps installed on your iPhone, the entries that appear in the stock Settings app keep on increasing until it feels like there is no end to the scrolling. If you couple that with the fact that most Cydia tweaks have their own presence in the Settings app, it makes for a total mess. PreferenceOrganizer deals with the situation by just adding two new entries to the Settings app, and pushing all the menus belonging to third-party apps and Cydia tweaks to their respective folders. The two new folders are added to the bottom of the app, and are named ‘Cydia’ and ‘App Store’, with proper icons belonging to each. Inside the Cydia folder, tweaks are arranged in alphabetical order, while the same holds true for the App Store folder.

Since PreferenceOrganizer might lead to some confusion among users who haven’t heard of the tweak, BigBoss refused to accept it. You can easily grab it though, as all it takes is adding a private repo to the Cydia store in your iPhone. Head to the ‘Manage’ section, enter ‘Sources’ and in edit mode, enter the following URL:


Now you can grab the free PreferenceOrganizer for your iPhone or iPod touch, even if it is running the latest version of iOS 6. The tweak might not be really important for some, but anyone who is a stickler for neatness would find it indispensable.

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