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Hide Seldom Used Capture Modes From The iOS Camera App [Jailbreak]

The iOS Camera app is hard to beat for a lot of reasons but if you had to pin it down to one thing it might be that you can’t find a free alternative that does everything the Camera app does but better. That said, as of iOS 8 the Camera app has evolved to include a slo-mo mode, and a time-lapse mode in addition to the existing panorama, square, photo, and video modes. It’s overwhelming and in all fairness it’s trying to compete with a lot of other more popular apps that take better time-lapse and slow-motion videos. If you don’t use some of these modes you can hide them from the Camera app with a Cydia tweak called CameraModes which is available for free in the BigBoss repository.

Once installed, go to the Settings app and scroll down to the CameraModes preference. The tweak will be enabled by default and the preferences panel will be divided into two sections; Enabled Modes and Disabled Modes. Drag & drop the modes from one section to the other. All modes that you add to the Disabled Modes section will no longer appear in the Camera app.

cameraMode1 hidden_modes_camera

The tweak also lets you do a little something extra; you can change the order the modes appear in by rearranging the ones that are listed in the Enabled Modes section. The tweak is great if certain modes like the Square mode annoy you. It might have been added to make it easier to take photos for Instagram but when you accidentally snap square photos because you forgot to change the mode or swiped to the wrong one, this is a tweak you’ll be thankful for. This tweak was tested on an iPhone 4S running iOS 7. It is compatible with iOS 8.

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