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Remove Any Unwanted Elements From The iOS 7 Interface With HideMe7

You are sure to find Cydia tweaks for even the most minor parts of iOS, specially if you want to make visual alterations to a particular UI element. Even if a tweak isn’t too specialized for just one aspect of iOS, it often ends up focusing on a single area of the firmware, like the lock screen or icons. CustomLS and Transparency are just two examples of such specific Cydia tweaks, despite the fact that both of them come packed with a good number of customization options. HideMe7 is a similar tweak, but its biggest advantage lies in the fact that it can let you make changes to all the important parts of iOS. Thanks to this package, you can hide UI elements from the lock screen, Springboard, folders, Notification Center, and Control Center.

HideMe7 iOS LockScreen Settings HideMe7 iOS SpringBoard Settings

HideMe7 adds an extensive menu of its own to the stock Settings app. There are separate sections for different areas of iOS 7, and configuring the options isn’t complicated at all. Users are provided with an array of toggles, and the status of these toggles determines the visibility of particular UI elements. On the lock screen, it is possible to hide the camera grabber, CC grabber, NC grabber, the entire NC, the current date, and the charging status. Since HideMe7 only hides elements, none of the changes made by it make your iPhone look completely alien. The Springboard changes are a little more pronounced, but still not overly so. You can turn off icon labels, badges, folder background, and page dots. Another interesting option in this section is the ability to hide screenshot flash.

HideMe7 iOS Status Bar Settings HideMe7 iOS Messages Settings

The most populated section of the HideMe7 menu is the one handling the status bar. Basically, it is possible to hide any icon that can show up in the status bar. You can also toggle battery percentage via HideMe7’s status bar section. Texting is such an integral part of everyone’s daily life that HideMe7 comes with a dedicated Messages section of its own. Thanks to the options present there, you can make changes to SMS bubbles, timestamps, and other visual aspects of the stock Messages app in iOS 7.

For those of you who hate accidentally hitting the Store button while listening to music on iPhone, HideMe7 offers the option to hide this button altogether as well.

HideMe7 iOS LockScreen HideMe7 iOS Folder

HideMe7 is a useful tweak, but there is just one minor change it desperately needs. Most of the changes you make with HideMe7 aren’t implemented unless you respring the device, but the tweak doesn’t respring automatically, nor does it come with a respring button! So, until HideMe7 gets updated, you will have manually respring your device via other means (we used WinterBoard for the purpose). Overall though, the tweak is completely worth having. You can make it your own by looking in the BigBoss repo and shelling out $0.99.


  1. But what I really want to know is how you labeled your page of apps “Social” – I’ve searched for Cydia Tweaks to do it but with no luck.

    • LOL you can do that in stock iOS just long press on an icon in the folder and a text field will come up

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