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Hipstamatic Oggl For iPhone Is Like Instagram, And Then Some

After Twitter’s introduction of photo filters of its own, one might make the case that the future of standalone photo editors for smartphones is not too bright. For now, however, there are some things that just can’t be done without the help of apps that have been designed specifically for the purpose of tweaking photos. When it comes to third-party image editing apps, Hipstamatic is not a new name in the game. We have already seen some really good photo-related apps from Hipstamatic, including the popular IncrediBooth and Hipstamatic Disposable. That hasn’t stopped the vendor from spotting room for more, and has come up with the new Hipstamatic Oggl. This app supports both real-time filters and post-capture editing. The main feature of Oggl, though, is its ability to let users combine different filters and lenses to come up with unique results. It is also possible to snap photos of your own using the exact filter combos used in any of the photos publicly shared by others.

Hipstamatic Oggl iOS Feed Hipstamatic Oggl iOS Photo Options Hipstamatic Oggl iOS Shoot With

For now, Oggl is invite-only, so you’ll have to find someone who is already using the app, or send Hipstamatic a request from within the app and wait for an invitation code (we got one within three days). Once registered, users can start looking for profiles to follow. A looking-glass icon is located in the top-right corner of the screen for this purpose. To see the app’s public galleries, hit the globe icon from the bottom bar. Posts from people you follow are available in the tab next to the global one. To view the filters and lens used for shooting any photo, simply tap it once. The right sphere shows the name of the poster, while the one on the left displays the effects added to the image. To snap a new photo using the mentioned filters, tap the left sphere and choose the ‘Shoot With This’ option. This makes it super-easy for anyone to add the same effect to their photo that they saw someone else add to theirs and really liked. It is also possible to add a combo to your ‘favorites’ in the filters collection for future use.

Hipstamatic Oggl iOS Camera Hipstamatic Oggl iOS Post Edit Hipstamatic Oggl iOS Share

The camera view in Oggl is pretty good. Just like old-time cameras, the viewfinder has crosshairs and other parameters that might be actually helpful in adjusting your phone’s position before snapping a photo. The filters and lenses can be accessed from the bottom of the screen, but you don’t have to worry about them before shooting photos, as Oggl allows post-processing. Having said that, it is possible to get a preview of any filter/lens combo in the viewfinder. Photos shot using Oggl can be shared to Flickr, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. To make things more organized, there are options for adding a location and text description to the images.

Although Oggl itself is a free download, you can gain access to a variety of filters by purchasing a quarterly ($2.99) or yearly ($9.99) subscription. Head to the following link to get your hands on the app.

Update: The invite-only period has ended and the app is now open to all users.

Download Hipstamatic Oggl For iOS

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