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Hooks: Get Alerts For TV Shows, Concerts, Games, Rain And More

Reminders, alerts, alarms; they’re all great at making sure you don’t forget important things like meetings, picking up the milk, remembering to take the trash out, not skipping leg day. Everything thing that is a drag to do, and therefore more likely to be forgotten, is kept on our radar by these ever helpful apps. But what about the fun stuff we forget about? There is more to life than just meetings and piking up the dry cleaning. Hooks – Alerts that Matter is an app for creating alerts for important things like when the next episode of your favorite show airs, when your favorite band is playing, when a new movie is going to be released, and more. Unlike other reminder apps that help you be more productive, this app reminds you of the up and coming fun things in life.

Hooks has three tabs; one for viewing all your alerts i.e. your timeline, one for adding an alert, and one viewing all the alerts you’ve added. The second you go to add your first ever alert is when you will really appreciate the app. It already knows (and checks for ) the time a TV show is supposed to air. Likewise, it checks the release date of movies and concert schedules.It taps into information that you need to receive an alert so you don’t have to enter it manually. All you do is select and event and when you want to be reminded of it. The app will find the event and alert you accordingly.

Hooks add alert Hooks alert details

You can get a push notification as well as a sound alert (both or either one) and the alert can be sent to you before or after an event occurs. If the events aren’t tempting enough, try setting up an alert for rain where you can choose the intensity of the rain that you should get an alert for (so you remember to take the sturdier umbrella). Other really great alert categories include checking when a website is down, when a new restaurant in your area reaches a particular rating, a tweet with a particular word in it, and more.

Hooks my alerts Hooks timeline

You have to sign up to use the app and if you sign up using your Facebook profile, the app becomes more useful for you.  The app has a very neat interface, adding events is super easy, and it works really well.

Install Hooks – Alerts that Matter From The App Store

Install Hooks – Alerts For Everything From The Google Play Store

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