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How To Block All Political Content In Safari [iOS]

Politics can make you angry and there are no rules as to what constitutes a reasonable political opinion so there are many things on the internet that get the ‘political opinion’ label. The more rage inducing an opinion is, the more frequently you will see it on the internet, often accompanied by an equally rage inducing counter opinion. If you’re tired of seeing so much political vitriol on almost every website you visit, give Politics Filter a try. It’s a free iOS app that will block political content from appearing in Safari. The app requires iOS 9 or above because it needs to use the content blocking feature that was introduced in Safari in iOS 9.

Download Politics Filter and go to the Settings app. Tap Safari and under the General group of settings, tap Content Blockers. Politics Filter will appear here as an option that you can enable. Turn it on and visit any website in Safari that you know will feature political news like  CNN.

safari-block Politics Filter

The before and after for CNN is shown below. Needless to say if you’re the kind of person who enjoys politics, the app isn’t for you. Politics Filter is a one sweep solution that will filter anything and everything that is political. You can’t just block political news related to a certain country that maybe, might-be have an exceptionally annoying person running as President. It’s all or nothing.

Politics Filter-before Politics Filter-after

The app doesn’t do as well a job at blocking political news on websites that don’t cater specifically to that news niche. It works best for pure news sites like CNN and BBC and less well for sites like the Huffington Post.

Install Politics Filter From The App Store

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