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How To Check If Pokemon Go Servers Are Up Without Logging Into The Game

Pokemon Go servers were down again these past few hours, and by few we mean something around 5-6 hours in some places. The outage was intermittent meaning players were able to log on to the game briefly, hunt down a rare Pokemon only to have the game die on them before they could catch it. This is the second widespread outage the game suffered with the first coming right around the time the game was released. The game quickly buckled under the strain from so many users but had been stable since. When the servers go down, the game asks you to sign in again via your Google account. Only after you’ve signed in does the game tell you that servers are still down. You have to sign in again even if the servers went down and came back up in the time you weren’t using the app. If you’re tired of signing in repeatedly only to learn that the servers are down, Pokemon Go Server Status and Is Pokemon Go rip? let you know which regional servers are up and which are down. At present, all servers are up but you might want to bookmark these web apps for future outages.

Pokemon Go Server Status works on both desktop and mobile browsers. Mobile browsers are likely where you’re going to want to access it from. Simply visit the app and look through the list of servers to see which ones are up. If you’re playing the game from a country that the game hasn’t officially been released to, it will be hard for you to tell which server you connect to when you play but the overall status of the servers should give you an idea as to the overall stability of the game. The screenshot on the left shows the servers from earlier when they were down and the one on the right shows the servers once they were up and running, and stable.

Pokemon Go Server Status Pokemon Go Server Status-up

You can keep refreshing the page until the servers are back up. It’s best to wait a few minutes even after they come back up because they can just as quickly go down again and you might lose game progress.

Visit Pokemon Go Server Status

As of publication of this post, the servers all back up and the game is running smoothly. If you’re looking for faster answers and are concerned with the servers being back up, Google Auth being online, and if the Trainer’s Club is online, then Is Pokemon Go rip? will tell you all that without asking you to look at a list of servers. Simply visit the app and read the status.

is Pokémon GO rip

Visit Is Pokemon Go rip?

Is Pokemon Go Up or Not is yet another option named after Down or Just me. Simply visit the site to see how long the servers have been up, the server latency, and whether or not you can place lures at present.

is pokemon up or not

Visit Is Pokemon Go Down or Not

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