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How To Collect Useful Tweets So You Can Easily Find Them Later [iOS]

Twitter has borrowed some of Facebook’s features in the past, the most recent of which was replacing the ‘Favorite’ button with the ‘Like’ button. The changes the network makes are often functional and or UI ones but rarely is a new feature introduced. If there were a wishlist of features that Twitter ought to introduce, something akin to Facebook’s Save feature should be on it. It allows users to save interesting content to their Facebook account and has been expanded to work outside of Facebook as well. For now, Twitter users can only ‘Like’ or retweet a tweet if they want to be able to find it again but the tweets you’ve liked can be difficult to search through as time passes. Charm is free iOS app that works much like Pocket but is exclusively for saving tweets. Tweets can be saved from inside the Twitter app via the Charm app’s extension. You can group them together into collections and revisit them whenever you want.

Install Charm and connect your Twitter account. If you have multiple Twitter accounts configured on your iPhone, you can choose which one you want to connect. After you’ve connected a Twitter account, go to the Twitter app and browse your timeline. When you see a tweet you would like to save, tap it first to go to the Tweet itself.

Tap the more button at the bottom of the Tweet and in the menu that opens, tap ‘Share via’.

charm charm-twitter

On the bottom row of actions, go the very end and tap the more button here. Enable Charm and then return to the previous menu. The Charm app will appear as an extension. Tap it and select the collection you want to save the Tweet to. If it’s the first time you’re saving a tweet, tap the plus button at the top to create a new collection and then save the tweet to it.

charm-ext charm-collection

You can save a tweet without ever having to leave the Twitter app. To view saved tweets you will have to switch to the app itself. Charm isn’t available for Android just yet but for me it’s going to be a keeper.

Install Charm From The App Store

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