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How To Create A Custom Vibration Alert For A Contact In iOS

iOS has long allowed users to record custom vibration patterns. These vibration patterns can be set for particular contacts so that, when you receive a call or message from them, it is easily distinguishable. By default, all contacts have the same ring tone and vibration pattern. If you often keep your phone on silent, a custom  vibration alert for an important contact is one of the easiest ways to tell when you get a message from them. Here’s how you can create a custom alert for a contact in iOS.

Open your Contacts app and select the contact you want to create a custom vibration for. Tap Edit at the top and then scroll down to the ‘Text Tone’ section and tap to edit it.

ios-contact-edit ios-contact-tone

Next, on the Text Tone screen, tap Vibration. On the Vibration screen, scroll down and tap ‘Create new vibration’ under the Custom section.

ios-contact-select-tone ios-contact-vibration

You can now record your new vibration pattern. Play it back until it’s just right, and then tap ‘Save’ when you’re done. You can name your custom vibration patterns anything you like. I recommend naming it after the contact you created it for. This will make custom vibrations easier to manage at any point in the future.

ios-contact-record-vibration ios-name-vibration

Tap Save and Done on each screen as and when you see the option. Messages from the contact will now be accompanied by this custom vibration tone.

iOS has had this feature for a while i.e. you could create a custom vibration but, it didn’t always allow users to associate custom vibrations with a contact. Back in the iOS 3 and iOS 4 days, you would have to jailbreak your iPhone and use a Cydia tweak to do this. It’s now a built-in option and needless to say, it is much easier to configure. This feature was added in iOS 5 so it’s pretty old at this point though still living in obscurity.


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