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How To Create & Share Your Own Flipboard Magazines On iOS

Flipboard has always been touted as a news app that displays stories in form of a beautiful, customizable magazine. While it has received many updates in the past, the basic concept behind Flipboard hasn’t evolved to a great extent. Finally though, the team behind the popular news apps has decided to take things to the next level. Rather than bringing the changes to all platforms simultaneously, Flipboard’s latest update has gone live just for iOS presently. There are other changes as well, but the biggest addition to the app is user-curated magazines. Rather than relying on Flipboard to come up with interesting news stories, now anyone can create and maintain a magazine of their own. Your friends and other users can then subscribe to your magazine if it suits their taste.


Since the feature is new, you might be a bit confused by all the instructions Flipboard displays after the update. That’s why we have decided to simplify everything for you and by the end of this post, you are sure to know everything there is to know about Flipboard’s user-created magazines.

Creating & Sharing Your Own Magazine

Flipboard iOS Save Flipboard iOS Mag List

Unlike how it may sound, creating your own Flipboard magazine is a walk in the park. Rather than making you start with an empty magazine, Flipboard lets you create one on the go. Here’s how it works:

  1. Whenever you think a story is worthy of appearing in your collection, hit the ‘+’ icon in the bottom-right.
  2. If you haven’t created a magazine before, Flipboard will now ask you to create a new one in the popup window that appears.
  3. You can select a category for your magazine if you want to boost its chances of getting discovered.
  4. Selecting a name and description for your magazine the magazine at this point would be a good idea.

That’s it – you have just created your first Flipboard magazine. Users can create as many magazines as they want. To make things easy, Flipboard asks you to choose the magazine where you want to add the current article every time you hit the ‘+’ button.

Flipboard iOS Magazine

You can edit the cover, name and description of any of your magazines from its cover page. You’ll also find a  ‘Share’ button available there to help you lure subscribers via email or social media.

Discovering & Subscribing To User-Created Magazines

Flipboard iOS User MagsFlipboard for iOS New User Created Magazine Subscription

You need to be signed to in to your Flipboard account in order to discover magazines from other users. If a magazine is public, and has managed to amass a significant number of subscribers, it gets featured in the ‘By Our Readers’ section of the app. This list can be accessed by tapping the menu button in the top-right corner, and navigating to the ‘Discover More’ area. You can also perform a search within the app to find more relevant magazines. Magazines can be read even without subscribing, but if you want stories from a mag to appear in your main Flipboard feed, you have to subscribe to it by tapping the bookmark icon in the top bar.

So, now you can find like-minded people and get to read all the news stories found worth sharing by them, as well as share stories you found interesting with your subscribers. This latest Flipboard update will arrive for Android next month, but iOS users can give it a go on their iPhone or iPad for free right away by heading to the link given below.

Download Flipboard For iOS

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