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How To Delete And Restore Stock Apps In iOS 10

Smartphones and laptops all come bundled with stock apps. The apps are there so that a user can perform basic functions with an out-of-the-box device. Most apps are helpful e.g. weather apps or email clients but some are just bloatware. From iOS to Android, to Windows 10, you can find a whole host of apps pre-installed on your device that you will likely never use. These stock apps, if nothing else, take up space on your device. In iOS 10  you can remove the stock apps you don’t like. If you later change your mind, you can restore the app. Here’s how.

How To Delete Stock Apps

In iOS 10, you can delete 23 stock iOS apps. To do so, simply tap and hold an app icon until they start wriggling. Tap the little cross at the top right of the icon to remove the app. You will see the usual confirmation message appear asking you to confirm whether or not you want to delete the app. It will also warn you if you’re likely to lose app data.

ios-10-del-stock-apps ios-10-del-apps-confirm

We don’t recommend trying to remove stock apps that Apple has kept locked. Doing so might break the OS. The Health app and Find my Phone are apps that cannot, and should not be removed.

How To Restore Stock Apps

To restore a stock app, you have to download it again from the App Store. There’s really nothing complicated to it and it is more or less exactly like downloading any other app. The only thing you should watch out for is that you’re downloading the correct app.

All stock apps have been developed by Apple. When you search for an app, look at the publisher’s name. It is written just below the app’s name. Make sure it says ‘Apple’. Tap the download button and the app will be downloaded to your device.

search-stock-apps download-stock-app

A lot of users were absolutely ecstatic about the ability to delete stock apps in iOS 10. How many of Apple’s apps have you removed?

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