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How To Disguise An iMessage As An Emoji

Technology is fast becoming an important tool that can aid people in times of distress. From discrete tracking to sending out distress messages, smartphones have become instrumental in helping people in danger. Camouflage Messaging is a free iMessages app that lets you send discrete iMessages disguised as emoji. The objective is to be able to send a message and not have to worry about someone else, possibly the person who is a threat to you, read it. It was developed to help people in abusive relationships send a message to friends or family asking for help.

Download Camouflage Messaging and access it from the iMessage app drawer. Tap ‘Create Message’ and select the emoji you want to use to disguise the message. The app doesn’t support the full library of emoji but that isn’t necessary given the purpose of the app.

camouflage-create camouflage-emoji

Once you’ve selected the emoji, enter the message you want to conceal behind it and tap send. Your recipient and you will both only see a large emoji in the conversation thread. In order to read the message, tap on the emoji and it will open to reveal the message.

camouflage-message camouflage-read-message

The emoji carry a little badge at the top left to show which app they were sent from. If you have an emergency contact who recognizes the badge they will know you’re sending them a secret message. The badge doesn’t give anything away and to the unsuspecting eye, it might seem like ordinary branding by the developer.

The concept behind the app is pretty good and it’s unfortunate you can only use it over iMessages because it means you must have an emergency contact who uses iMessages.

iMessages themselves have an invisible ink effect that you can use to hide a message but it is easily read, very obvious, and popular enough for anyone to recognize right away. You must be running iOS 10 and above to use this app.

Download Camouflage Messaging From The App Store

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