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How To Enable, Customize Tint Intensity, And Schedule Night Shift [iOS]

iOS 9.3 has been released and with it comes the much awaited Night Shift feature which is a complete rip off of the Flux app banned by Apple. The feature tints your screen a warmer color, think a sepia filter, when it’s evening or night so that every time you look at your phone, you aren’t accidentally forcing your brain to wake up. The bright screen tends to do that and since most of us habitually read one more email or check one more social media app before going to bed, the bright white keeps our brain up. The tint counters that and lets us read whatever it is we want to read but the dimmed color doesn’t force our brain to stay awake. The feature is neat and here is how you can enable and schedule it.

A toggle for Night Shift has been added to the Control Center so just swipe up and tap the button in the middle to turn it On or Off.


You can choose how dark your screen is tinted when Night Shift is turned on. To customize the tint intensity, go to the Settings app. In Display & Brightness, tap Night Shift. On the Night Shift screen, move the slider to less or more warm. As you move it, your screen will tint so that you can preview what level intensity you’re setting.

night-shift-tint ios-9.3-night-shift

Like the Do Not Disturb feature in iOS, you can schedule Night Shift to turn On/Off automatically. To schedule Night Shift, enable the Scheduled option. You can schedule the feature to turn on in one of two ways; you can set a time for when it should turn On and Off, or you can have it detect when the sun goes down and comes up in your current location and turn on/off accordingly. It’s a pretty smart thing to do to include this but given the idea was taken from an app, we’re not impressed. Screenshots you take with the night Shift mode enabled are not tinted.

The only question is, does this actually work? I’ve used it exactly one night and noticed a difference. Although I’m still inclined to look at an email or whatever even when I’m in bed and the lights are off, it’s easier for me to put the device away because I still feel tired as opposed to before when I felt checking a few other apps now that I’m up was the smart thing to do.

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