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How To Find Your Nearest Pokéstop Without Taking A Step

Pokémon Go requires you  visit Pokéstops regularly to restock essential resources needed to play the game. You can buy these resources but they cost quite a bit. If you live in a large city finding a nearby Pokéstop shouldn’t be much of problem but if you live in the suburbs, suddenly find yourself some place new and unfamiliar, or you’ve just started playing the game and can’t find a Pokéstop, there’s a simple way to find it without having to take a single exploratory step. It requires installing Ingress, a game by the same developers who made Pokémon Go. The game is exceptionally similar to Pokémon Go and features ‘Portals’ which translate to Pokéstop in the Pokémon Go world.

Install Ingress and go through the game’s introductory walk-through. Wait until you’re located on the map and the game will tell you where the nearest ‘Portal’ is. The places that are Portals in Ingress are Pokéstops in Pokémon Go. You can even see how far away they are in units of distance.

ingress ingress-portals

Pokémon Go is a game that compels you to go outside your house. It’s nothing you can play just sitting at home, not that users haven’t tried to do just that by spoofing GPS locations and coming up with ways to play it on the desktop which have already resulted in some bans. The question is, is this cheating?

It’s a fact that Pokéstops are not distributed evenly. Technically this makes it harder and often unfair to play the game when other players are surrounded by multiple Pokéstops within yards of each other. Using Ingress to find a Pokéstop isn’t cheating though. It’s a location look-up technique that doesn’t interfere with your Pokémon Go account. It’s just happy coincidence that Niantic have a similar game that can act as a tool to help play Pokémon Go.

We should also point out that you can see nearby Pokéstops on the map in Pokémon Go. The range is of course limited and you technically already have to be near one for it to appear on the map. Pokémon Go doesn’t automatically find the nearest Pokéstop but the game does highlight any stops that happen to be nearby.

Install Ingress From The App Store

Install Ingress From The Google Play Store

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