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How To Find Out Which iMessage App A Sticker Is From

iMessage apps for the most part are stickers. Some are free, others are paid. Just about all major entertainment titles have released sticker apps for iMessages. There are stickers for Moana, The Avengers, Star Wars, Pokèmon, and Simon’s Cat. The list is endless. Many stickers come from very popular titles and are easy to recognize but not all stickers are like that. If your friend sends you an iMessage sticker, or you’ve used one but can’t remember which app it was from, there is a simple way to find out which iMessage app a sticker is from.

Open the Messages app and go to the conversation thread you sent or received the sticker in. Tap and hold the sticker and wait for the reaction bar to appear. The reaction bar is accompanied by a menu. This menu has a ‘Copy’ and ‘More’ option for ordinary messages but when you tap and hold a sticker you get an additional option for sticker details.

There are one of two options you can see in this menu when you tap and hold on a sticker; Sticker Details and From [App Name]. They tell you which iMessage app a sticker is from.

Sticker Details

The Sticker Details option appears when you do not have the sticker app installed on your device. When you tap and hold a sticker sent by a friend, this option will show you exactly which app the sticker came from. It will open the app’s store page in the Messages app and you can download it.

sticker details 1 sticker details

From App

The From [App Name] option appears in the menu when you have the sticker app installed on your phone but it is inactive. Normally, sticker apps that you disable are automatically uninstalled. The same doesn’t hold true for sticker apps that are also stand alone apps. For these apps you will see the ‘From [App Name]’ option.

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