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How To Find Your Nearest Coffee Shop [iOS]

There is no need to explain how important coffee is. Most people run it, or on the slightly milder version of it i.e., tea. For anyone who needs a cup, or three, of coffee to start the day, there is a system in place for getting it. The average person knows all the coffee shops near them, and on their way to work. That said, when you’re visiting a new place, you need to be able to find coffee easily or the world will perish. Coffee NSEW is a free iOS app that points you to the nearest coffee shop.

Install Coffee NSEW and allow it to access your location. It will then search for the nearest coffee shop and the coffee cup will point you to it.

The app also shows you the name of the coffee shop, its address, and how far it is in miles.

coffee-1  coffee

Coffee NSEW also acts as a compass. You could use it to find a shop provided you’re not driving. It’s a poor navigation app for a driver but works well if you’re going to walk to the coffee shop.

The app prioritizes coffee shops on distance. The shop closest to you will be suggested first. If it’s a chain you don’t like, you can tap the ‘Next’ button and get another suggestion. It might be a longer walk to the next shop though.

The app shows only coffee shops and not eateries that serve coffee in addition to other types of food. It wasn’t able to detect any of the Dunkin’ Donuts shops nearby and that may be because the chain is better known for donuts.

The only improvement the app needs is to let users select the unit of distance. Not everyone measures distance in miles, in fact most of the world is on the metric system. The app isn’t region restricted and works just about everywhere. It likely pulls data from Google Maps so if coffee shops in your area are duly marked on Google Maps, you should have no trouble with it.

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