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How To Get Rid Of Spam Event Invitations In The Calendar App [iOS]

The Calendar app in iOS has lately begun to spam users. Notifications for upcoming events that are essentially scam sales or that contain suspicious sales links have begun to appear on devices. The events have been created by people who aren’t in your contacts’ list and because most users sync the Calendar app between their iPhones and their Macs, these invites have been plaguing both. There are several ways of dealing with the spam problem. Here’s what you should do to get rid of spam event invitations in the Calendar app from your iPhone or iPad.

Manually Removing An Event

The simplest method to spam event invitations in the Calendar is kind of crude; when the notification inviting you to the event pops up, simply tap the ‘Decline’ option.

There’s no option to block these invitations without inconveniencing yourself. The invitations appear because the Calendar app adds event invites from the Mail app. This is meant to be a feature and is useful for when the event is authentic. It allows you to accept an invite without switching to the Mail app. If you turn this feature Off, you will no longer be plagued by the invites. This will, however, stop all notifications from legitimate events syncing to your calendar.

To turn this feature off, open iCloud in your web browser. Sign in with the same Apple account you use on your iPhone or Mac. Go to the Calendar app, click the settings cog wheel button at the bottom left and select ‘Preferences’ from the menu.

In the Preferences window, select the ‘Advanced’ tab, scroll to the bottom and in the Invitations section, uncheck the ‘in-app notifications’ option.


Mass Removing Spam Events

There is a free iOS app called CleanMyCal that aims to solve this precise problem. It scans the Calendar app for spam invites and lets you delete them en masse.

Open the app and allow it to access the Calendar app. It will automatically list all events in your Calendar and you can review and delete them from a single screen.

cleanmycal-access cleanmycal

Download CleanMyCal From The App Store

Reporting An Event

Apple has responded to the sudden increase in Calendar spam with a ‘report’ button. Each time you get an invite notification, you will have the option to report it. When you report the event, Apple flags invites from the email address and prevents it from ever popping up again. Flagging benefits you and others who might receive the same invite.

Whatever way you use to manage your spam problem, the action you take on your iOS device, will also deal with spam event invitations in the Calendar app on your Mac.

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