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How To Nest Folders Inside Folders In iOS 9

iOS comes with some apps that no one uses, ever. When Apple finally allowed users to move them all to a folder and put them out of sight, everyone cheered. As of iOS 7, Apple has sort of allowed users to nest folders inside folders. We say ‘sort of’ because it wasn’t easy to do back then and often required lightning reflexes. With iOS 9 it’s gotten much easier though there is still a small trick to how you nest folders inside folders. Here’s a step-by-step guide to nesting folders inside other folders iOS 9.

Step 1: Position the folder you want to nest and the folder you want to nest it into. The destination folder, i.e. the folder that you will nest a folder inside must be moved to the first page of your home screen. It must be positioned at the top right i.e. it should be the fourth item on the first row (see left screenshot below).

Step 2: Move the folder you want to nest to this same page on your home screen. You can put it anywhere you like.

Step 3: Enter home screen editing mode by tapping and holding an app or folder icon. When the icons and folders all start wiggling, tap and hold the folder you want to nest. .

Step 4: While still holding the folder, tap the destination folder (somewhere at the top left of the folder’s icon) and it will open (right screenshot).

Step 5: Drag & drop the folder on to the open folder and you have nested a folder inside another folder.

ios9-nest-folder ios9-nesting-folders

There’s a bit of a trick to getting the destination folder to open; you have to tap a very specific area which is somewhere between the status bar and the top left of the folder. It’s tricky. Try the video below to see if you get an idea where to tap.

Via Lifehacker


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