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How To Save A Linked Image In Safari In iOS 10

Safari has not received any major update in iOS 10 but that’s not to say Safari hasn’t changed at all. There is in fact a minor change made to the browser’s functionality that has confused quite a few users. This change effects how users can save images from a web page to their camera roll. In older versions of iOS, no matter what type of image a user came across in Safari, they could always long press it, and expect to see the ‘Save image’ option appear in the menu. That functionality has now changed so that it no longer works for linked images. Here’s how to save a linked image in Safari.

When you long press a linked image, the menu that appears doesn’t have a ‘Save image’ option. To save the image, tap on ‘Open in New Tab’ and wait for the image to open in a new tab. Switch to the tab and tap and hold on the image like you did in iOS 9.

The menu that appears will have a Save Image and Copy option. Tapping ‘Save Image’ will save it to your camera roll.

safari-linked-image safari-save-image

The fundamental thing to understand here is why this happens. A lot of users might not notice it if the images they’re tapping on aren’t linked.

When you add an image to a web page, any web page, users have the option to link it. The link might take you to the original location an image is uploaded to, or it might take you to a different web page. This all depends on the link that has been added to the image by whoever created the web page you’re viewing.

In this case, where the image is linked, you are no longer able to save it directly. The ‘Open in New Tab’ option opens the image at its source i.e. wherever it has been uploaded. Once you have the image itself open in a Safari tab, the save option is accessible to you once again.

For images that aren’t linked, like the ones that appear on this very page, you can simply tap and hold on it until the menu appears and the save option will be present.


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  3. First of all, this procedure does not guarantee you get the underlying image. It will take you to the linked page where the image may or may not be. This is not what people are looking for that are trying to save the image they are viewing. I don’t follow the explanation given as to why a change was necessary. It was functioning perfectly in iOS 9. Why break it? If you use Chrome or Firefox, you can still save images directly, so why has Safari gone backward in functionality? Secondly, this procedure does not work in emails. There’s no way to save linked images anymore as in iOS 9. It’s heinous. Apple needs to fix this soon.

    • It seems to be some sort of security thing. I just open it in a separate window in some sites. It is annoying tho. I should have the option to trust certain sources.

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