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How To Schedule An Uber Ride Days In Advance [iOS]

Uber is the taxi service that has rivaled traditional cab services in some of the biggest cities in the world. It’s slowly expanding to other countries and impacting how we catch a cab. Rides are booked via the Uber app and it tells you how many drivers are nearby to pick you up as well as how long it will take for them to get to your current location. Depending on your location, the wait might be as small as five minutes or it might be longer. What the Uber app lacks is an advance booking functionality. You can get a ride now, but you can’t set one up so that it’s there at a certain time on the weekend. TaxiLater is a free iOS app that fills in this gap. It lets you schedule an Uber ride days in advance. All payments are handled by Uber and if you’re likely to incur a ‘surging’ price, TaxiLater will ask you if you want to go ahead with the ride before you’re charged.

Open TaxiLater and sign in with your Uber account. Enter a pick-up and drop-off point. By default, the present date and time is entered but you can tap on it and select a different date and time for the ride to arrive. You then proceed to pick which type of ride it is you want to avail. When you’re all done, tap the ‘Request Uber’ button.

taxilater taxilater-date

The app will confirm the time of the ride, though not the date for some reason. You can go to the app drawer and view all Uber requests made by you and here your request will show up with both the date and time it is scheduled for. You can cancel the request by swiping left and tapping the Delete button.

taxilater-request taxilater-request-delete

TaxiLater is pretty neat as far as functionality goes and it’s definitely filling in a void. We should mention here that we only tested the app out and didn’t actually avail an Uber ride. The app is not (yet) available for Android.

Install TaxiLater From The App Store

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  1. I can only wish this app existed yesterday, when I left to the airport. Do you know if there are plans to incorporate other ride-hailing services, like Lyft and Fasten?

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