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How To Send Low Quality Images In The Messages App In iOS 10

iPhones have an amazing camera. With iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that camera has only gotten better. The images you capture on your iPhone are exceptionally sharp and exceptionally large in terms of size. When you share them via photo stream or over the Messages app, you retain the quality of these photos. They are not compressed and it’s a pretty reliable way of transferring photos when the HD quality is important. That said, not all photos you send over the Messages app need to be HD. Up until iOS 9, there was no way to send a lower quality photo over the Messages app unless you actually reduced the quality in the camera app when you took it. Come iOS 10, there is now an option that lets you send all photos over Messages in low quality. The photos are not only sent faster but take up less space on your recipient’s device and do not tax your data plan as much. Here’s how to enable it.

Open the Settings app and go to the Messages app preferences. Scroll to the very bottom and turn on the ‘Low Quality Image Mode’. Any photos you send now over the Messages app will be compressed. When you view the photo in the conversation thread, it will still appear in HD quality. The image that is sent and received by your recipient however will look different in terms of quality and will be reduced in size.


On your own end, the only thing you will notice is that it takes far less time for the photo to be sent. The difference in time taken to send the photo is actually significant.

Just about every single popular messaging available for iOS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and more all compress photos by default and now the stock Messages app has an option to enable the same. The good thing is, you can turn it On/Off whenever you want.

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