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How To Set Up The Bedtime Alarm In iOS 10

The Health and Clock apps in iOS 10 have both been updated with new features. The Health app can now analyze your sleep and it does so with the help of the Clock app. The Clock app has a new tab called Bedtime. Bedtime is a smart alarm that you set up to ensure you get a certain number of hours of sleep every day. Bedtime asks what time you routinely go to bed and how much sleep you want to get. It then tells you when to wake up, setting up its own separate alarm in the process. Since we’re all in the habit of compulsively checking our phones, the app detects interruptions in your sleep every time you use your device inside your sleep hours. It knows when you’re actively using the device i.e. awake, and when you use it between your sleeping spells. Here’s how to set it up.

Open the Clock app and go to the Bedtime tab. You can set it up for all seven days of the week, or just the weekdays, or random days of the week.

At the very top of the Bedtime tab is a switch that turns it On. The large dial lets you select what time you usually sleep and when to wake up to get the required amount of sleep.

To set up what time you go to bed, drag the orange button around to when you get to bed. Next, drag the yellow end until the dial in the center reads the number of hours you want to sleep. If you have to wake up too late to get the right amount of sleep, you need to head to bed earlier.

bedtime ios 10 bedtime history ios 10

Bedtime can remind you to go to bed. To set up a bedtime reminder, tap Options at the top left. You can customize the days of the week when bedtime should be active, the alarm sound, the volume of the alarm, and how far in advance it should remind you to go to bed. You can get a reminder as early as one hour before your bedtime.

bedtime options ios 10 bedtime reminder ios 10

As Bedtime records your sleeping patterns, it populates your sleeping history. You can get an overview of it inside the Clock app and a more detailed view in the Health app.

Bedtime adds its own alarm so even if you have no other alarm turned on, the status bar will show an active alarm if Bedtime has been configured.

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