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How To Sort Songs By Title In The Music App In iOS 10

iOS 10 will feature a Music app with a new interface. For reasons only Apple knows, the Music app’s interface has been overhauled quite a few times in the past and all without any real reason. The only reasonable overhaul came when Apple Music was introduced and the app needed to make room for it. The new Music app in iOS 10 no longer has tabs but it does still let you view tracks by artist, album, and song in the form of lists. There is just one little hitch; the tracks sorted in ‘Song’ are grouped by artists. That means your entire collection of Taylor Swift songs will appear grouped together before anything else does. The good news is, you can still sort them by title i.e. alphabetically. Here’s how.

Open the Settings app and scroll down to the Music app. Inside the app’s preferences, you will find ‘Sort Songs & Albums’ in the Library section. By default, it is set to ‘By Artist’ but if you change it to ‘By Title’, they will be sorted alphabetically.

music-settings-io-10 music-sort-ios-10

The only downside to this is that the sorting preference for both albums and songs have been grouped together. It’s possible, in fact it’s highly likely, that users might prefer albums to be sorted by artist but songs to be sorted by title. In iOS 9, this sorting preference existed only for albums and songs were sorted by title by default.

Other changes to the Music app include removing the tabs completely. If you want to view tracks by one of the sort options i.e. by artist, album, or songs, you can do so from the list options at the very top of the app. The playlists tab is also gone and replaced by a list option.

The Videos, Genres, Compilations, and Composers sort option is hidden by default. If you want to enable it, tap the ‘Edit’ button at the very top, and select the list you want to enable. This is also where you can hide some of the default lists i.e. the albums or downloaded music list if you don’t use it much. You can reorder the lists by dragging & dropping them.


  1. The newest update doesn’t have this any more as an option. Can you tell me what another option of this is?

  2. This didn’t help me at all – it seems they removed the button that says “sort songs and albums” (by title or artist) in IOS 11

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  4. Itunes will correctly alphabetize 90% of my song titles, but the remaining 10% is randomly dispersed throughout the list. I have the 10.2.1 version and there is no “sort songs and albums” option.

  5. Looks like theyve removed this option in a subsequent upgrade. I no longer see it as an option in Settings. I’m sorry to see Apple increasingly removing options in apps. Their design philosophy appears to be evolving away from “let users customize” to “we know what’s best.”

    • It’s still available. Just open the music app, go to your albums, there’s a sort option on the top right corner. You can select to sort by title there.

  6. Sadly, I think there is almost never a good reason to sort music alphabetically.

    This appears to cause some cars that display tracks to display them alphabetically even when you have selected Albums or Artists, rather than Album|Track # order.

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