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How To Turn On Night Shift In The Low Power Mode [iOS]

iOS 9.3 was released this past Monday and we covered in detail the new Night Shift feature that helps users sleep better by tinting the screen a warmer shade in the evening. The feature works pretty well but if you switch to the low power mode, Night Shift automatically turns Off. So long as your device remains in the low power mode, you cannot enable the Night Shift mode. All toggles and switches for the mode remain greyed out but perhaps that’s just a bug. You can enable Night Shift in the low power mode by telling Siri to turn it on.

Update: With the release of iOS 9.3.2, this hack is no longer needed. You can now turn on low power mode and night shift at the same time via the built-in switches and buttons.

Low power mode can be enabled from the Battery preference in the Settings app or from the HUD that alerts you when your battery is at 20% and 10% charge. Your device can remain in low power mode so long as the battery charge is between 1% – 80%. The range is pretty big and it means you’re using your device for a few hours at the least during which Night Shift might be needed.

To turn Night Shift on in low power mode, switch to low power mode first. Once your device is in low power mode, hold down the Home button and wait for Siri to activate. Tell Siri to ‘Turn on Night Shift’ and it will turn the feature On.

ios-p-3-siri-night-shift ios-p-3-siri-night-shift-power

All Night Shift toggles will remain greyed out despite the feature being turned On. If you want to turn it Off, you will once again have to use Siri to do it. Just tell her to ‘Turn Night Shift Off’ and it will be switched Off.

via 9to5mac

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