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How To View All Photos Sent Over An iMessages Conversation Thread

There are a lot of messaging apps available for iOS but I’ve never really been sold on any of them. iMessages is my go-to app for messaging even though it doesn’t work when I need to message someone who uses an Android phone. That said, my one reason for preferring iMessages over all other apps is that I know I can use it to send high quality photos and videos from my phone. The photos and videos aren’t compressed and I don’t have to worry about them not being sent/received. iMessages maintains a complete history of your conversation, including images, unless you choose to delete them yourself. This means you can scroll to the top and read older messages. If you aren’t concerned with the text-based conversation you’ve had over an iMessages conversation thread and would simply like to see the photos and videos that have been exchanged, you don’t need to load older messages to do so. There’s a simpler way.

Open an iMessages conversation thread that you’ve exchanged photos and videos over. At the top, where you can see the contact’s name, tap the Details button. On the details screen you can see every single photo and video that’s been exchanged in the thread. If at some point, you deleted the thread, images exchanged in the conversation prior to the thread being removed will not appear here.

imessages-details imessages-photos-1

There’s also a chance that videos might not appear here even if you haven’t deleted a thread. This has to do with an iMessage setting that deletes videos older than two minutes. To have iMessages keep videos forever, just like it does with photos, go to the Settings app and under General>Messages scroll to the very bottom and set the video message expiry to Never.

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