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Hyperlapse Records Time Lapse Videos & Lets You Share To Facebook And Instagram [iOS]

Instagram has just released an new app for video recording called Hyperlapse. If you’re wondering why the company needed to release a video recording app when Instagram itself can both record videos and import them from your camera roll, then read on. Hyperlapse is for creating time lapse videos, really good ones at that. Unlike the Instagram app that lets you selectively record with your device, Hyperlapse will record a full video and speed it up anywhere between normal playback to playback at twelve times the normal speed. The video can then be shared to Instagram and Facebook.

Launch the app and swipe through the brief tutorial to start recording your first time lapse video. The app works in both vertical and horizontal orientations but since you’re recording a video, flip the phone on its side and record it horizontally. As you record, you will see two timers running at the bottom; one slower than the other. The timer on the left indicates the length of the recording while the timer on the right indicates the final length of the time lapse video at 6x playback speed. When you’re done recording, tap the stop button.

Hyperlapse Hyperlapse record

Once you’ve finished recording, the app lets you ‘edit’ the video. This is where you can replay the video at various speeds and test out which one you like. Move the 6x knob on the slider at the bottom to increase or decrease playback speed. When you’re done tap the green check mark. If you don’t feel like editing at the moment, tap the red cross and select to edit the video later instead of discarding it. When you next launch Hyperlapse, the number of unedited videos will appear as a badge next to the record button and you can tap it to select a video for editing.

When you share a video to Instagram, Hyperlapse opens the Instagram app in the select from camera roll mode so you can pick out the the video you want to share. Hyperlapse doesn’t record in a square frame so you will be cropping it to fit. You can then apply filters, enhance the video, and do to it whatever the Instagram app lets you and share it. The videos are shared directly to Facebook with no editing options in between. All videos are saved to your camera roll by default.

Hyperlapse speed Hyperlapse share

It takes a little time for the app to process a video both after you’ve recorded it and after you’ve edited it. The processing time is less on newer, faster devices. So far, Hyperlapse hasn’t arrived on Android and it seems a limitation with the Camera API in Android is what’s holding it back for now.

Install Hyperlapse From The App Store

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