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Improve Your Reading Speed With QuickReader For iPhone & iPad

Book-reading fans are sure to know that if you stay away from books for a while, your reading speed is bound to go down quite drastically. While some people are okay with reading slow, most are always trying to improve their reading pace. There are a lot of online tools available that claim to enhance reading skills, but when you get down to it, nothing improves reading speed like simply enjoying some good books. That is the theory upon which QuickReader is based. This iOS app comes with a nice collection of classical books, and you can read them in the app’s reader, which is designed specifically for speed improvement. It is also possible to add eBooks from external sources to the app, while the speed test offered by QuickReader can be used to gauge your performance improvements.

QuickReader iOS Home QuickReader iOS Library QuickReader iOS Speed Reading

The homepage of QuickReader offers 3 reading modes, which include Normal Reading, Speed Reading and Speed Test. Tapping any of these options will take you to the app’s library. There are some books that are already in the QuickReader library, but by choosing the Import option, you can download books from anywhere. The app can even be used to read copied text from any other app, and you can access your iPhone’s clipboard by hitting the Pasteboard button in the library. If you just want to use QuickReader as an ordinary EPUB reader, go to Normal mode, select your book, and start reading. To improve your speed, it is better if you start by taking a speed test, where you will have to select any book, and each time you turn a page after reading it, QuickReader will tell you the total time taken to read the page, along with a prediction regarding the time when the current chapter, and the whole book will be finished at your current pace. The only difference between Normal mode and Speed Reading mode is the text highlighter. The highlighter is always on the move, and will turn the page when it reaches the end of the current one, thus forcing you to match its speed.

QuickReader iOS Color Settings QuickReader iOS Spacing Settings QuickReader iOS Transition Settings

QuickReader is one of the most customizable eBook readers available for iPhone and iPad, and that is why it has got a really long Settings menu. There are a lot of color schemes available in the app, and even the highlighter’s color can be changed. Font color, size and spacing are controllable as well. QuickReader can be used with a translucent background, and if you toggle on Heads Up Display, you will be able to read while walking. Gesture controls for brightness and transition options are available in Settings, too.

QuickReader is good enough to give most eBook readers a run for their money, and its speed improvement features are a huge bonus. The fact that it’s a universal app and thus, optimized equally for both the iPhone and the iPad, make it all the more appealing. The app has gone free for a limited time, and you can grab it by heading to the link below.

Download QuickReader For iOS

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