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Get True Multitasking On iPhone By Keeping Background Apps Active With InfinityTask

Android is always touted as being better than iOS because of its true multitasking capabilities, but iOS handles the matter pretty intelligently as well. Most of the times, users don’t mind waiting a few extra seconds for an app to reload after they have launched it already. Though in some situations, it is easy to see why true multitasking can be such a big deal. People with lots of apps on their iPhone must have noticed that most games show some lag when you come back to them after using other apps. In some games, your progress from the last session might even be lost completely if it becomes inactive. InfinityTask solves this issue by handing the control over multitasking to users. Thanks to this Cydia tweak, you can keep any app active for as long as you want, no matter how long you use other apps or keep your device screen locked.

Tweaks like Backgrounder and Insomnia offer functionality pretty similar to InfinityTask, but this fresh release does have its perks over its competitors. Other than the fact that InfinityTask does not apply true multitasking to all apps blindly, you can also select the duration before which your device goes into sleep mode. The tweak also offers some extra options that are aimed at Safari and Chrome, adding a dash of background capabilities to these web browsers.

InfinityTask iOS InfinityTask iOS SleepTme InfinityTask iOS Apps

InfinityTask has to be configured using the menu it adds to the stock Settings app. Below the ‘Enable’ toggle, the first option is ‘PreventSleepTime’. By default, this duration is set at zero seconds, but you can extend it up to 600 seconds. The higher this value, the more time your device’s internet remains active under lock screen.

To avoid having any adverse effects on battery life, InfinityTask doesn’t remove the 10-minute sleep limit from any app automatically. Instead, you’ll have to manually select apps for this purpose by heading to the ‘InfinityTask Applications’ section of the menu. All enabled apps remain active for as long as you want, and you’ll have to kill them manually from the App Switcher if you want them to stop working in the background.

InfinityTask iOS Reading List InfinityTask iOS Notification

The tweak’s browser-related options let iOS 6 users add any link to their Safari reading list without actually opening Safari. Whenever you add an item to the reading list from an external source, a notification shows up to confirm that the browser now has an offline version of the page available for you. Thanks to the ‘OpenTabBackground’ option, you can also open any link in a new tab in Safari or Chrome simply by copying its URL. If you find this feature a little too annoying, you can simply disable it in the tweak’s settings.

InfinityTask costs $1.99 and unlike Backgrounder, it plays nice with iOS 6. The reading list option works only with the latest iOS version, while the rest of the features are compatible with iOS 4 and 5 as well.


  1. I tested it and it worked pretty well. But now I want to keep it completely disabled. Even I set everything off, the wifi keeps on forever. That bugs me.

  2. Pretty good tweak that is not getting much praise as it should. People get excited over auxo, which is pretty useless compared to infinitytask

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