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InnerList Says It’s The List App That’s Missing On Your iPhone

To-do list apps are not uncommon, besides the default Notes and Reminder app on iOS, there is a large number of popular apps that let us create to-do lists and mark items done. InnerList is a free iPhone app available on the App Store that combines lists, notes, and reminders. The items you create can be of three types; lists, notes, or people which allow you to associate notes with your contacts. A reminder can be added for tasks that you add in a list and all items that you add can be assigned a color to make them easier to organize by priority. Every item, task, and note can be shared with your contacts and reminder alerts can be set up for the tasks you add to a list.

Launch the app and add your first item by tapping the button in the top right. Enter a name and select the type of item you want to add, and tap Done.

lists add item

Notes, Tasks, and People appear as below, respectively. If the item you selected to add was Notes, you will be able to create a group of notes. A number count will show how many notes are in that group and the item icon will represent it as such.

innerlist  notes

A list item will contain tasks that you can set a reminder for and that you can mark as completed.

remind me set reminder

To mark a task as complete, select it and tap Complete at the bottom. Completed tasks appear crossed out in the list.

completed task done

Anything you add, such as notes, lists, and people, can be shared. Swipe from the right side of your screen to bring up options for editing, sharing, archiving, and deleting it. You get somewhat similar options for the notes, tasks, and contacts that you’ve added to an item. Select it and you will be able to move it to a different item type, share it with your contacts, or delete it. To edit an item, tap the arrow to next to it, to make it editable.

item completed task

The items you add to InnerList can be archived. To view your archived items and reminders, tap the more button and it will open a side drawer where you can access both reminders and archives. This is also where you can access the app’s settings. The settings allow you to customize the appearance/color theme of the app and enable a confirmation for when you delete items, and list items. Additionally, you can disable phone numbers and email addresses from being sent when you share a contact from a People group and just share the notes that you’ve added.

side drawer  settings

The app is simple enough and it gives you the freedom to save three different types of information. It’s a to-do list and note taking app in-one that also lets you group contacts together, although there are no call or messaging functions available for the contacts from within the app. If you’re in the market for a to-do app or a note taking app, this free option is worth the try.

Download InnerList from the Mac App Store

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  • Ethan Garner

    Enough propagation of todo apps that don’t talk to other apps.

    Seriously, we have 100’s of walled gardens, nothing can sync, nothing integrates with calendars, nothing with mail.

    All the other services sync, mail, contacts, calendars.

    Why do todo apps suck so bad, cost so much, and come in 1000 different varieties?

    • Hi Ethan, thank you for giving us these suggestions! We are working hard to add more features at the moment. Our goal is to create a multi-purpose list app that allows everyone be more productive. Part of that mission involves better interplay with other apps out there, as you pointed out.

      Again, thank you for your comment.

      InnerList Team

  • Thank you Fatima for writing this article; it came as a surprise!

    InnerList Team