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All About iOS 6 ‘Reply With Message’, ‘Remind Me Later’ & Do Not Disturb Features

Do Not Disturb for iOS 6 is something that should have made its way to users a lot earlier, given its practicality and need. Earlier, iPhone users had to resort to third party apps for this very purpose, but a native feature is almost always more effective and easier to handle. Now, with Do Not Disturb enabled in iOS 6, all incoming notifications will be smartly filtered and you will, literally, not be disturbed. If you are – of course, considering the Do Not Disturb feature is disabled – actually disturbed, simply reject and reply with a message, or reject asking the phone to remind you when you want.

While Apple brought these features to iOS quite late, and many other platforms have been boasting that for a while now, we believe they’ve been done in a manner worthy of praise. In this post, we’ll take a look at all three of these one by one, and see whether the hype is merited or not.


You can set the Do Not Disturb feature to remain enabled at all times, or if your life is easy to manage, you can schedule a period. With that defined, you can set what callers can go through and which cannot. Now, when I say callers, it’s important to understand that while touting incoming calls, this feature works for SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other notifications as well, where alerts to such events will be silenced and the screen will not light up, but will be listed in the Notifications Center once you unlock the phone.

Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb iOS 6

Incoming calls can be filtered by Everyone, No One, Favorites and Groups. With Repeated Calls enabled, a call coming in from the same number twice in under 3 minutes will go through, something very useful given that it could be an emergency if the caller is insistent.

Do Not Disturb iOS 6 Do Not Disturb iOS 6 Do Not Disturb iOS 6

With iOS 6, you may see a little gripper-style phone icon in the event of an incoming call. Slide that button up and voila! You now have the option to reject a call by sending a quick message or simply let iOS 6 remind you to call back in an hour. Moreover, you can set location based reminders as well, such as when you leave you current location, when you reach home or whenever you reach work. Having locations based reminders for missed calls natively and for them to be set up painlessly, is truly worth commending Apple for. Is it?

I keep wondering how ideas get borrowed from apps, then get adapted and integrated as native OS features, and sold as innovations. Do Not Disturb, Reply With Message and Remind Me Later features work flawless and are indeed very welcomed in iOS 6, they remain ones that should have been around a lot earlier. However, they’re here now, they’re subtle and they’re effective, but innovative? Not likely so.

This guide is a part of our guide to new features in iOS 6, which covers the following topics:


  1. “I keep wondering how ideas get borrowed from apps, then get adapted and integrated as native OS features, and sold as innovations.”

    It’s even worse than that. Once Apple steals the best ideas from app vendors, they then tend to wrap them into opaque system libraries that can’t be accessed from apps. Then, when they release the feature half-implemented and half-broken, you can’t even write an app to fix the missing pieces, because Apple has now hidden the core functionality away behind a useless or nonexistent API. Huzzah for progress. Apple, could you just stick to making hardware and leave the software to the pros?

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