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View Live Temperature & Conditions Right On The iOS 7 Weather App Icon

The iOS home screen is usually alive with notifications and icon badges, making sure that users get to see the maximum amount of information at a glance. iOS 7 increased this liveliness manifolds by introducing parallax effect and live wallpapers to the iPhone Springboard. Another small addition to the mix is the Clock app’s icon, which displays the current time in the form of an analog clock that even has a moving seconds hand. In the past, Cydia tweaks like WeatherIcon 6 have allowed the jailbreak community to get even more information out of the home screen. The tweak allowed iOS 6 users to configure any app icon to display real-time weather data. It is nice to see that the concept hasn’t died down with iOS 6, as LiveWeatherIcon brings similar functionality to iOS 7. The tweak supercharges the stock Weather app’s icon, adding some beautiful animations and weather-related stats to it.


While the concept behind LiveWeatherIcon and WeatherIcon 6 is identical, the two tweaks offer completely different looks. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the new tweak doesn’t look out of place on the iOS 7 home screen, thanks to a minimalistic look and a somewhat flat UI. LiveWeatherIcon does not have a configuration menu of its own for now, which means you cannot use the tweak to tinker with icons of other apps the way it was possible with WeatherIcon. LiveWeatherIcon automatically targets the icon of the stock Weather app, and you will see its revamped version right after the first respring.

There are actually three pieces of information displayed by LiveWeatherIcon on the Weather app’s Springboard entry. First of all, you will see the current temperature in the unit you’ve selected in the Weather app. If you have kept the ‘Background Refresh’ option on in the Weather app’s Settings, the tweak always keeps the icon’s display up to date as well. In addition to the temperature, users also get a textual representation of the conditions in one word like ‘Rain’, ‘Fog’, ‘Warm’, etc. The third piece of information presented by LiveWeatherIcon might not be as obvious at first glance as the first two, but it is the one that makes the tweak very appealing. The background of the overlaid text reflects the condition of the sky outside, and the best part is that it’s animated. So for example, when it is raining outside, you will see rain droplets splashing around the icon, and fog is represented by a constantly swirling mass of mist. This might not be too big of a deal for some users, but there can be no denying the attractiveness of the feature.

Owing to the nature of the tweak, your iPhone’s battery life might get negatively impacted after the installation of LiveWeatherIcon. To minimize this, you can turn off automatic background updates from the stock Settings app. Overall though, LiveWeatherIcon is definitely a tweak that is worth having on your iPhone. Give it a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, where it is priced at $1.

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