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The New iOS 7 Photos App With Timeline View & Image Effects

Imitation is the best form of flattery, so it was a homage to the iOS 7 Photos app when it became one of the first parts of the update to be copied by a third-party app developer. The Photoful app was overhauled with a new UI just a few days after the unveiling of iOS 7 back in June, and managed to gain a lot of popularity among the masses. Now that iOS 7 is finally here, you don’t have to rely on mere replicas. The Photos app has undoubtedly improved as compared to its iOS 6 variant, and has more on offer than just a new UI. The app has a new way of organizing photos, which makes it really convenient for users to go through their image collection. The sharing options have improved too, and the rarely used ‘Shared’ tab has been axed. To top it all off, there are now a bunch of really good photo effects that come with the stock Photos app, greatly reducing the need for third-party image editors.


If you always thought the Photos app was just fine in iOS 6 and want to keep things close to that, there is still the ‘Albums’ view that looks a lot like it always has on iOS. You can reorder the albums by entering edit mode and dragging them around. To delete an album, hit the red icon to the left of its name. As always, the camera roll can’t be deleted or moved. New albums can be created by tapping the ‘+’ icon and choosing entire collections from particular dates or locations.

Photos iOS 7 Albums Photos iOS 7 Selection Photos iOS 7 Share

Inside albums, the method of selecting photos for sharing has been changed; hit the icon in the lower-left corner to bring up the selection view, which shows photos in the form of an unbroken stream, with the selection icon in the bottom-right of the picture. Hit ‘Next’ when you have made your choices. Sharing options include SMS, email, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. The bar below these buttons houses icons that let users copy photos, stream them via AirPlay, set one as wallpaper, or start a slideshow.

Photos iOS 7 Tmeline Photos iOS 7 Collections Photos iOS 7 Map

It’s the ‘Photos’ tab where you’ll see all the innovation and great new changes. The topmost level in this view shows photo collections based on the year to which they belong. Within years, there are ‘Moments’, which can be considered automatically generated albums based on the time and place associated with them.

Previously, the Photos app had a separate ‘Maps’ tab, but now you can view images snapped at a particular place by tapping its name in the Moments view. This map view itself is pretty much the same as the one from iOS 6.

Photos iOS 7 Filter Photos iOS 7 Resolution

Once a photo has been opened – be it through albums or the timeline view – you can edit it pretty thoroughly without having to use a third-party app. The app has the usual crop (complete with aspect ratio choices), auto-enhance, sharing, rotate, red-eye removal, and of course the newly added photo effects. There are eight filters on offer in the app, which provide enough variety to lure any iOS users who have been casually using any third-party photo editing app until now.

The Photos app is definitely something Apple has done right in iOS 7. It won’t take too long for users to get used to it, because all the new features make perfect sense.

This post is one part of a compilation. For info on other major new features and changes introduced in the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile OS, check out our complete iOS 7 guide.

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