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Keep A Cheat Sheet For In Season Fruits & Vegetables On Your iPhone

Grocery shopping seems like a simple enough routine task to do until you finally get down to doing it. Buying cereals and coffee might be easy but buying fresh produce i.e., fruits and vegetables is somewhat complicated because a large number of them are seasonal. You might find watermelons in winter but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to taste right. Fruits and vegetables are best consumed if they’re in season ones but unless you’re a farmer, you won’t know off the top of your head which ones are in season at any point in the year. Veggies in Season is a free iOS app that tells you just that. The name leans towards vegetables but the app lists both fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. You can tap a fruit or vegetable to see which months of the year it is in season.

Install Veggies and give it a second to load a list of in season vegetables and fruits. By default, it shows you vegetables but if you tap the Fruits button at the bottom, it will switch to a list of fruits.

Veggies Veggies-fruit

Tap one of the listed fruits or vegetables to see what time of the year they remain in season.

Veggies-in-season Veggies-season

Veggies is a handy app to have on your phone for your weekly trips to the superstore. If you like to cook, the app might help you find in-season produce that you can incorporate in your meals. The only drawback, or rather the only thing missing in the app is a search feature that will allow a user to look up when a certain fruit or vegetable will be in season.

Download Veggies in Season From The App Store

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