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Keep iPhone Status Bar Visible While Using App Switcher With This Cydia Tweak

You might not always attach too much importance to it, but the status bar in iOS devices is certainly something that can be of real use in plenty of situations. Even Apple hasn’t completely forgotten this narrow strip, and the release of iOS 6 saw a few changes in the status bar (it changes color to match the color of other UI elements). The Cydia store offers a few tweaks related to status bar as well, but not too many. So, it’s nice to see something like Status Bar Switcher released in the jailbreak store for iPhone. The functionality offered by the new tweak is a relatively small one, but it overcomes an issue that has proved to be a minor annoyance for a lot of iOS users (and hasn’t been fixed in iOS 6). Whenever the App Switcher tray is launched on an iPhone or iPad, the status bar vanishes instantly. If you belong to the camp that believes that this goes against the overall look and feel of iOS, Status Bar Switcher is the perfect tweak for you as it makes the status bar remain visible in its entirety, even when you are in App Switcher mode.

Status Bar Switcher Before Status Bar Switcher Cydia Status Bar Switcher iOS

The functionality offered by Status Bar Switcher is a really simple one, and this simplicity is reflected in the tweak’s working, too. There is no Springboard icon or new menu in the Settings app for the tweak, and it will take control of your iDevice’s status bar without asking you to do anything. To see if Status Bar Switcher is working properly, double tap the Home key, and you are sure to notice that the status bar will remain visible if you are on Springboard. If you are in a full-screen app, where status bar is hidden, invoking the App Switcher tray will also make the status bar appear, thanks to Status Bar Switcher.

While Apple might defend it as an aesthetic decision, there are many iPhone users who consider the disappearing status bar a blemish on iOS’s otherwise beautiful interface. So, Status Bar Switcher can be thought of as a tweak that fixes an issue with iOS, rather than bringing something new to the mix. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store as a free download. The package is only 9kB in size, so downloading and installing Status Bar Switcher should not take more than a few seconds.


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