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Keep Track Of Who Follows & Unfollows You On Vine From iPhone

There are plenty of tools for all platforms that can be used to manage your followers on Twitter. On one hand, there are services that let you trim down the list of people you follow, while other apps raise the alarm as soon as someone tries to quietly unfollow you. As Vine is still not too old, we haven’t seen a lot of similar services for it just yet. Another contributing factor might be Vine’s iOS-exclusiveness. Thankfully though, now there is a very uncomplicated way of finding out if someone has recently unfollowed you on Vine, or if that’s just your paranoia kicking in. Followers on Vine is not a feature-rich app by any means, but it is enough to let Vine users keep track of their followers if they are conscious about keeping their Follower/Following ratio in a certain range. The app can also be used to find the people you follow who aren’t following you back on Vine, and even see a special list of your new followers.

Followers on Vine iOS Followers on Vine iOS List Followers on Vine iOS Promopt

Followers On Vine is a really simple app, but getting started with it could have been made a little easier. For now, it is not possible to connect a solely Twitter-based Vine account with Followers On Vine, and you have to add an email address to your Vine account before it can be used with the app. Doing so isn’t too difficult though, as you just have to head to the Vine app’s ‘settings’ located on your profile page, and enter an email address there. Once the address has been added, you can easily login to Followers On Vine with those credentials.

The app’s main page shows the user’s profile picture and total post count on Vine. The lists of contacts are maintained below this information, and following are the criteria based on which you can browse through your connections.

  • Followers: Includes the names of everyone who follows you on Vine.
  • New Followers: Noticed an increase in your follower count since the last time you checked Followers On Vine? Head to this section and see who your new fans are.
  • New Unfollowers: You can get your revenge on anyone who has recently unfollowed you by unfollowing them back.
  • Followers You Don’t Follow: This list can help people who like keeping things fair, and think that any new follower they get should be followed back by them as well.
  • Following: List of people you follow.
  • Users You Follow That Don’t Follow You: How dare Kate Upton not follow you back, even after you have been faithfully watching all her posts for the past two months? Head to this list to see if there are any other people you’re following who haven’t returned the favor.

Unless you turn off the ‘Tweet Prompt’ option in the app’s settings, Followers On Vine keeps displaying a tweet draft whenever you check your stats. This can be easily changed with a toggle, but there are other features of the app that are only accessible via an in-app purchase of $0.99. These features include the ability to follow and unfollow people form within Followers On Vine, and getting rid of the in-app advertisements. Everything else can be used for free in this universal iOS app.

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