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KLIK For iPhone Automatically Tags Your Facebook Friends In Photos

Most of us have been on some trip or gathering where literally hundreds of photos were taken by friends and then uploaded to Facebook, the most popular social network. If you were a part of some large group in an event, it can get tedious trying to tag everyone. KLIK by Face.com takes this burden off your shoulders and does all the tagging automatically through facial recognition. The best feature that can be programmed into an artificially intelligent being is the ability to learn with time, and that’s exactly what KLIK has on offer. If it doesn’t recognize the face automatically, you can enter the Learn mode of the app and teach the app yourself. The app has got some pretty good photo effects as well, and you can learn all about them by heading past the break.

KLIK Nearby KLIK Learn

As can be expected, the first step in the configuration of KLIK is the linking of your Facebook account with the app. Once you have granted the app access to your wall, you are ready to use KLIK as a camera replacement app. However, before we get to that, let’s discuss the Nearby menu within the app. That section displays all the publicly shared KLIK photos. The images are arranged according to their location, and you can view any photo by simply tapping its thumbnail. With the passage of time, the Friends section of KLIK will begin filling up with all the photos you snap of your friends using this app. The camera view of KLIK, which is the main feature of the app, has a very interesting Learn mode. If you point the camera towards one of your Facebook friends in real life, and the app recognizes them as someone else, hit the Learn button. KLIK will analyze the face more deeply, and come up with all the probable options regarding the person’s identity. Just hit the right option, and the app will save your choice for future reference.

KLIK Tag KLIK Filters KLIK Share

If the KLIK camera recognizes your friends straight away, you can begin editing the photo after entering a short description and your current location (if the app somehow doesn’t detect it automatically). There are some good, Instagram-like filters available in KLIK, and they can be applied to images with a single tap. From the Share screen, users can save images to camera roll, share them via email or publish to Facebook and Twitter.

KLIK is an iPhone-optimized app and you can grab it for free by heading to the App Store link given below.

Download KLIK by Face.com

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