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Last.fm’s Scrobbler Is An iOS Music Player With Recommendations & Smart Playlists

There was a time when Last.fm ranked very near the top of the list of music discovery services, but times have changed and now it faces some stiff competition. Maybe that is why the team behind it is looking to expand the service’s horizon, and have come up with Scrobbler for iPhone and iPad. Scrobbler is a standalone music player that offers recommendations based on your personal music collection. As apparent from the app’s name, everything you listen to can be shared over your Last.fm page. The interface is pretty decent, with tons of album art automatically available for all artists and albums. If you have always been too lazy to arrange your music collection into playlists, Scrobbler will solve this problem too, thanks to its ‘Smart Playlists’ feature.

Scrobbler iOS Menu Scrobbler iOS Albums

Sign in to your Last.fm account to start using the app. If you aren’t an existing user, registration can be done quite easily from within Scrobbler. If you want to scrobble everything you listen to, go to the app’s menu and turn on the ‘Scrobbling’ option. ‘Artists’, ‘Tracks’ and ‘Albums’ list your entire music library. If some of the tracks don’t have album art or artist info, Scrobbler fills in the gaps, presenting you with a really neat look. The Recommendations’ tab has suggestions based on existing soundtracks.

Scrobbler iOS Artist Scrobbler iOS Player

The music player in Scrobbler is pretty decent. The album art is different from what you see by default in iTunes, and you can change it simply by swiping across the screen as all artist have multiple photos associated with their Last.fm profile. The heart icon adds a song to your favorites, while you can put it on repeated playback using the options at the top of the screen. The ‘Play similar music’ button makes Scrobbler look through your local collection to find a song that matches some characteristics of the current one. While browsing through the app with the player view hidden, you can easily access from anywhere by hitting the button in the bottom-left corner. To view details regarding artists, hit the info button from the bottom bar of the player. Artists pages are pretty thorough, with stats from Last.fm and a notification that shows if a band or artist is on tour.

Scrobbler iOS Playlists Scrobbler iOS Song List

What makes Scrobbler really special is the way it handles playlists. There are three tabs in the ‘Playlists’ section: Smart’, ‘Tags’ and ‘iTunes’. Smart playlists are created by Scrobbler without any intervention from the user; the app just analyzes the songs and forms these lists based on similar characteristics. In the Tags view, songs are grouped based on their genre while the iTunes section recommends more tracks and allows you to purchase them from within the app.

Scrobbler is a free app and even if you are not a Last.fm user, it can be worth a shot. You can grab the universal Scrobbler app by heading to the following link.

Download Scrobbler For iOS

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