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Lift For iPhone Helps You Adopt New Habits By Committing To Them Publicly

It is very easy to break promises that you make to yourself. Just think of how far you’ve come in fulfilling previous New Year’s resolutions and you will see what I mean. However, if you share your ambitions with anyone else, you are bound to start feeling a little more sense of responsibility towards your goals, and will surely make some effort to attain them. Now, imagine the pressure of adhering to your promises if you declare them publicly, and not in front of just a few people (unless you happen to be a politician). This is the concept behind Lift for iOS. Using the app, you can choose as many habits as you want, and perform a check-in each time they meet a goal for the day. The app will share your new targets publicly, and allow your friends as well as other users to comment on your activities.

Lift iOS Home Lift iOS Habits Lift iOS Activity

So, what sort of habits does Lift deal with? The app allows its users to select just about any activity they want. If you think you are a bit too shy, select “Talk to at least one stranger each day”, and you will be able to see other people who have joined the same activity. The app has an almost unlimited variety of habits, aimed at improving your social skills, fitness and other aspects of life.

To get started, you will have to sign up for a new app account. It is also advisable that you link your Twitter and Facebook accounts with Lift, so that your friends can see your goals as well. All the habits you add to your profile will appear on the main page of the app, as well as within the Activity feed. You can filter said activities section to view posts from your friends only, or you can browse through all public posts.

Lift iOS Habit Page Lift iOS Calendar

Lift has got a separate page for each habit, which is where you check in to it. It is also possible to add a new note with each check-in, if you want to explain your activities in greater detail. The more you check in, the more percentage score you will get for a particular habit. Other features include Calendar, Stats and common interactions found in conventional social networks, such as liking a friend’s check-in.

The developers don’t seemed to have missed much. Needless to say, the app seems well though-out with respect to implementation, and the concept gives it the potential to make actual difference in your daily life, and for that, it is certainly worth a download.

Lift is meant for the iPhone and iPod touch and is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

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  1. I like using Lift to help me in my daily habits. I don’t think it’s all about social, although if your friends know your goals that’s said to be a big help. By having a daily to do list that is about my personal life, rather than my chores and tasks, I’m well on the way to embedding some beneficial habits. Small changes can have big effects.

  2. Oh great! More useless crap I don’t need to see or hear about. Yes, I do believe we have hit the “way too much information” overload. Narcissism anyone?

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