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Lightt For iPhone Defines A New Way To Create & Share Animations Out Of Photos

New to the App Store, Lightt is an iPhone app that, in addition to being an uncomplicated photo sharing service, might also be one of the most unique yet convenient ways to create animations. Lightt captures a burst of photos and then stitches them together in a single animation or “Highlight”. Essentially, a Highlight can be defined as a photo-video hybrid, a group of photos being played back in a loop. The minimum length of an animation is 10 seconds, but the app allows you to capture and group multiple animations together. The concept itself is quite fresh, but what truly makes the app stand out, and could contribute to making it addictive is the way it creates one combined stream out of all the animations ever created by a user. There are no filters or photo effects or heavy editing on offer, but the basic idea behind Lightt alone should be enough to spark the interest of photo-sharing enthusiasts.

Lightt iOS Lightt iOS Animation Lightt iOS Comments

Lightt asks its users to register for a new account when it is launched for the first time. During the signup process, you are asked to make a profile Highlight for yourself. Once you’ve signed up, you can choose to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with Lightt, to help the service find people you know on the network. Even if you skip this step, you will be able to follow the many public users on Lightt. The main screen is divided into three sections; Happening Now, Me and Featured. The Happening Now section of the app lets you view the most recent animations shared by your friends or other Lightt users. The best and most popular shares appear in the Featured area, while the Me section lists everything you have contributed to the network. The icon at the bottom-right takes you to the Friends section, which displays all the latest activities by your contacts. Other Lightt users can comment on and like any animation you share publicly. Highlights can be shared on Facebook and Twitter too, or saved locally within the app.

The app’s animation viewer is pretty neat, one of the best we’ve seen in an iOS app. Rather than simply playing animations over and over again, it allows users to skip to a certain frame by swiping across the screen and pause by tapping once.

Lightt iOS Camera Lightt iOS Share

To create your own animations, hit the camera icon at the bottom, and get ready to shoot. Pressing the camera button again initiates a capture session, which lasts for ten seconds. You can continue capturing 10-second animations one after the other. The app automatically stitches the highlights together in the order you captured them. Tap the preview thumbnail at the left of the camera button when you’re done. From the screen that follows, you can delete individual highlights from the stitched stream by tapping the edit button. Highlights can be shared publicly to the Lightt network, or you can choose to post them to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. As mentioned earlier, these Highlights aren’t just displayed individually. Each Highlight that you create simply attaches itself to the end of the ones you made before, creating an endless stream of animations.

Lightt sports one of the best media sharing concepts to have been introduced for a while now, and is a must have for anyone with a taste for Instagram and the like. Lightt is available for free, and optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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