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LinkedIn Contacts For iPhone Unifies Local & Online Address Books & Helps You Stay In Touch

LinkedIn has released a standalone iOS app for its new LinkedIn Contacts feature that aims to help you handle your professional relationships with ease. The app has been built to let you stay in touch with your pals, family and business associates over the world’s largest social network for professionals no matter which channel you use to interact and communicate with the them. It aggregates your contacts from your iPhone Address Book, LinkedIn itself, Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook,  and brings them together all in one place, eliminating the need to use separate services or apps for the purpose. This can come exceptionally handy for those who have  their contacts spread across all these various services and would prefer to access them in one place. There’s also third-party app integration with services like Evernote to help you sync notes with different contacts across the aforementioned services. The app boasts a great-looking UI and feels fairly snappy. Let’s take a look.

When launched, LinkedIn Contacts asks you to sign in to your LinkedIn account to gain access to what it has on offer. Simply provide your credentials (email and password) and tap sign in. It also gives you an interactive tour to showcase its features when launched for the first time. In addition to get you acquainted with the app, it loads your contacts in the background. When this process finishes, you can tap Continue.

LinkedIn Contacts-tour LinkedIn Contacts_Continue

Next up, you’re asked to choose the service(s) that you’d like to connect with the app. Simply mark the ones that you wish to connect (followed by authorizing them) and tap Done at the top right corner of the screen. It should be noted that you can always connect them later on if you wish. Your contacts from all added services will now start loading up. At the far-left, there’s the Contacts tab, along with To Do and Calendar. The app does a pretty great job in letting you manage your tasks, and also includes a calendar for taking a peek at your contacts’ birthdays, recent job titles, reminders et al.

LinkedIn Contacts LinkedIn Contacts_Contacts View

Tap a contact and you’re shown your relationship with them, their complete contact information like phone number, email and the company they are working in, the emails you both have exchanged, and other pertaining details like the source of connection, and their professional bio including education and employment history. The app loads professional info directly from the contacts’ LinkedIn profiles, so nothing surprising in there. You can also instantly communicate with a contact via email or phone without even leaving LinkedIn Contacts.

The app also lets you sort your contacts in different orders, such as alphabetic, recent or newly added, as well as via tags, companies, titles, locations, sources – in short, it provides a lot flexibility and control over how you want your contacts list to appear. The To Do section of the app lets you keep up with important events like birthdays etc.

LinkedIn Contacts-Contact LinkedIn Contacts_Calender

LinkedIn Contacts is available on the App Store for free and you can grab it using the download link provided below.

Download LinkedIn Contacts For iOS

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