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LinkTV For iPad Is A Bulletin Board For News Videos That Matter

We’re sure many people still haven’t heard the name LinkTV, but this doesn’t change the fact that it is among the most comprehensive video-based news sources available on the internet. Not every news-related video in the world appears on LinkTV, but the site is good enough to keep you apprised of all the most major issues on the planet in the most efficient manner possible. While such a service is fairly useful on the web, it sounds tailor-made for a mobile environment. Fortunately, the team behind LinkTV seems to think along the same lines, as it has released an iPad client for the service. The app lets you view all the latest videos from the LinkTV website, and comes with some great sharing options. News videos aren’t the only thing you will get in the LinkTV app, as it also has articles and detailed documentaries on various subjects.

LinkTV iPad

While LinkTV collects videos from various sources, all the entries you will see in the app are hosted on the service’s YouTube channel. The Top Stories section of the main page gets updated pretty regularly, but you can manually refresh it with a downward swipe. Documentaries have a tab of their own, and can be up to an hour in length. While the app’s own news feed is good enough, you can create your own feeds in the My Link section by following particular tags and topics. There is no search mechanism in LinkTV for iPad, but finding interesting tags isn’t difficult owing to their prominent presence in on each video page.

LinkTV iPad MapIf you don’t want to see videos in a chronological order, shift to the map view with a leftward swipe. Users can view stories for the past 24 hours, a week or the last month on the world map. Just tap any of the boxes located in the vicinity of the area of your interest, and all the videos related to that particular area will be shown in the bottom bar.

LinkTV iPad Article LinkTV iPad Text

Each video you watch on LinkTV can be shared with others over Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Every tag associated with the story can be expanded to view its detailed information. Below the current video, you will find related articles and videos. Text articles can be read on the same screen in a pop-up window.

LinkTV follows almost all major news sources in the world, but filters content automatically, so that you are presented with news stories that really matter. The iPad app can be downloaded for free from iTunes App Store.

Download LinkTV For iPad

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