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Here’s A Complete List Of How Much XP Is Earned For Each Action In Pokèmon Go

Leveling up in Pokèmon Go gets harder with each successive level. When you first start out, you only need 1000 XP, 2000 XP, 3000 XP etc to advance to the next level. It’s so easy you will never even run out of Pokèballs between levels. The required XP to level up increases with every level. By the time you’ve reached Level 20, you need 50,000 XP to get to level 21. You can go about this by simply playing the game at your own leisurely pace and racking up the XP as you earn them, or you can get serious about it. Almost everything you do in Pokèmon Go earns you XP but not everything. To level up faster, target in-game actions that will give you the highest XP. Here’s a complete list of all actions you can perform in the game and how much XP you earn from each one.

ActionXP Earned
Catching A New Pokèmon500
Catching A Pokèmon You’ve Caught Before100
Catching A Pokèmon With A Excellent Throw100
Catching A Pokèmon With A Great Throw50
Catching A Pokèmon With A Nice Throw10
Throwing A Curve Ball10
Visiting A Pokèstop50
Hatching a 2km Egg200
Hatching a 5km Egg500
Hatching a 10km Egg1000
Transferring a Pokèmon To Professor Willow0
Evolving A New Pokèmon For The First Time1000
Evolving A Pokèmon500
Powering Up A Pokèmon0
Adding A Lure To A Pokèstop0
Train A Pokèmon At A Gym (Battle Won)10
Defeat One Pokèmon In A Gym Battle150
Defeat Two Pokèmon In A Gym Battle250
Defeat Three Pokèmon In A Gym Battle350
Defeat All Pokèmon In A Gym50
Getting An Appraisal0
Earning A New Medal0
Joining A Gym0
Using A Potion0
Using Revive0
Using A Super Potion0
Using Incense0
Incubating An Egg0
Joining A Team0

Looking at the table, you can figure out what you can do to earn XP when you’re low on resources like Pokèballs or when you’re near a Pokèstop or gym. The table above needs a little explaining of the finer points of earning XP.

You can earn XP for multiple things at once. A common example of this is when  you catch a Pokèmon with a ‘Nice’, ‘Great’, or ‘Excellent’ throw. In addition to getting XP for catching a Pokèmon, you also get XP for the throw. If you land a ‘Nice’ throw with a curve ball, you get the additional 10XP for it as well. All in all, the maximum XP you can earn for catching a Pokèmon you’ve already caught before is 210XP.

First time actions i.e. evolving a Pidgey or a Rattata will earn you more XP than when you evolve either of these the second time. After the first unique evolution, you get 500XP per evolution. The more important thing here is that you get the same amount of XP regardless if you’re evolving an Abra or a Pidgey. The Pidgey of course requires less candy to evolve and spawns like crazy so you should concentrate on it if you’re looking to level up faster.

If you never join a gym, fighting battles still has its benefits. Winning a single battle gets you 150XP and for each additional Pokèmon you defeat in the same gym, you earn 100XP more than the previous battle win. Again, these are added up so that the total is greater. It’s a pretty easy way to earn more XP especially if you have a lot of Potions and Revive that you want to use.

Finally, there is the in-game item called a Lucky Egg that will double all XP you earn for thirty minutes. If you’ve got a Lucky Egg, it’s a good idea to know what action to perform with it active.

Happy leveling up.

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