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Live Score Tennis Might Be The Best Free Tennis Tournament Companion For iPhone

These days, it is the norm for tennis Majors to have their very own official smartphone apps. In the past, we have covered apps for the U.S. Open and Wimbledon, but it can get a bit tedious to download each event’s own app before it commences. There are plenty of generic sports apps that offer tennis coverage, but the stats and features available in such apps are nowhere near as comprehensive as the ones that come with official grand slam apps. Now, however, there is an iOS app that has been designed for tennis fans, but without too much focus on just a single tournament. Live Score Tennis keeps you in the loop regarding your favorite players and all the ongoing events using notifications. The app will get updated with the arrival of each big tournament to highlight features related to that event, and that way, you won’t have to worry about downloading a new app every few months. Read on past the break for more details.

Live Score Tennis iOS Categories Live Score Tennis iOS WTA Live Score Tennis iOS Notifications

Live Score Tennis guides its users through its configuration in a really uncomplicated manner. If you take a few minutes to set up the app properly, you won’t be needing to change any settings with the arrival of a new tournament. The app asks users about their favorite players, categories and tournaments while also displaying instructions about the app’s usage. When everything is set up, choose the occurrences for which you want to receive notifications. If you change your mind about any of these preferences at a later time, you can change them from within the app’s Settings menu as well.

Live Score Tennis iOS Menu Live Score Tennis iOS Feed Live Score Tennis iOS Match

The first thing that you might notice about the app is that it has a great interface, which is a rarity for sports apps, even on iOS. It looks good and is well laid out.

The ‘Feed’ section displays all the updates from your chosen categories and players. If a big tournament is going on, the latest happenings from it can also be viewed here. The app has a separate section for current WTA and ATP rankings. Player profiles from this page can be viewed simply by tapping a name. These profiles include the player’s basic information and latest results.

The app excels when it comes to coverage of matches as well. The match page displays the latest scores, which get updated after almost every single point. For important games, the section may also display video highlights.

Live Score Tennis is a free app, and although there are some ads in a few places, the app doesn’t have any in-app purchases. It is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and can prove to be a great addition to your device with the Roland Garros 2013 final coming up in a few hours from now.

If you are looking for something similar for Android, give The Tennis App a shot.

Download Live Score Tennis for iOS

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