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Discover & Stream Free Music On The Go With Lively.fm For iPhone

Lively.fm has been around on the web for quite a long time, and has managed to established a decent reputation as a place where you can easily discover some good emerging artists. Much like Grooveshark, Lively.fm has a mobile-optimized website, so some of you might have been using the service on your iPhone through the browser already. Having said that, an HTML 5 website isn’t always good enough to make up for the lack of a dedicated smartphone client. This is why the team behind Lively.fm has released the service’s very own iOS client. Now you can discover new music, browse through your activity feeds and listen to the best songs floating around the blogosphere, all on your iPhone.

Lively.fm iOS Menu Lively.fm iOS Home Lively.fm iOS Song

You need to be a Lively.fm user in order to use the app, so if you are new to the service, it is necessary to sign up for it using the registration screen offered upon the app’s launch. A Lively.fm account can be created by connecting your Twitter account or providing your email address. You have to verify your account from the service’s confirmation mail to proceed.

The Home page of the app displays a grid of songs that are popular on the network these days. You can begin listening to any of them by merely tapping the album art thumbnail. To view the track’s details, however, you have to use the small info icon located in the bottom bar. The information page shows the name of the artist and song title, and also lets you share the track’s link with your friends. If you really like a song and don’t want to lose it, hit the heart icon to add to your favorites. The list of your favorited songs can be accessed from your profile page.

Lively.fm iOS Feed Lively.fm iOS Top Chart Lively.fm iOS Search

Apart from relying on Lively.fm staff’s picks, there are other ways of browsing the app’s music collection. You can go through the Lively.fm ‘Top Charts’, which are available for a day, week, month or in the form of an all-time list. The app also offers a search page, where tags, users and songs can be discovered. To make the whole Lively.fm experience interactive, the app comes with the option to let you follow artists and other users. Updates from these followed profiles show up in your ‘Feed’ section. If you want to get social, invite your friends over to the Lively.fm network so that it becomes easy to track their tastes regarding relatively-unknown music.

There are plenty of other music discovery apps available for iOS, but Lively.fm is for those of you who want music that isn’t too mainstream. The app is free, so do give it a go. Lively.fm is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch.

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