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How To Make Fingerprint Unlocking More Accurate On A Phone

Smartphones have embraced fingerprint unlocking. High end phones like the iPhone line and Samsung’s S8/S8+ are popular examples but even low-end phones like the Nokia 5 have a fingerprint scanner. For the most part, these scanners work well. It doesn’t matter if your phone is a cheaper one, or a more expensive one. That said, even on high-end phones like the iPhone, the device often doesn’t recognize a fingerprint. Here’s a neat trick to make fingerprint unlocking more accurate on any phone.

This hack is pretty simple and requires no extra apps. It will however limit the number of fingerprints you can save. For example, if you have four fingerprints configured, you will have to reduce it to two. Also, if you find Touch ID is slow on your iPhone, or the sensor on your Android takes too long to recognize a fingerprint, try cleaning it.

Make Fingerprint Unlocking More Accurate

The trick to making fingerprint unlocking more accurate on a phone is to configure the same fingerprint twice, as two separate fingerprints. For example, if you want to use your left index finger to unlock your phone, add it twice as two separate prints.

On an iPhone, open Settings app and go to Touch ID & Passcode. If you already have all five fingerprints configured, remove at least two. Next, record your two most used digits twice.

On an Android phone, open the Settings app and go to Security & Location. Tap the fingerprint option and record a single finger’s print twice.

That’s all. When you use your fingerprint to unlock your phone, you will notice that there are now fewer missed attempts.

Why Does This Work?

Both Android and iOS try to register a fingerprint as accurately as possible. It has users lift and press their fingers repeatedly so that it learns the print better. There appears to be limitations to how well the OS can learn a fingerprint but adding it twice increases the accuracy.

Once a fingerprint is recorded, the OS stops learning. If the fingerprint it has learned isn’t completely accurate, it won’t improve on it not even when you use the fingerprint sensor. This is why having the fingerprint scanned twice makes it more accurate; the OS has had the opportunity to learn it twice.

This will help make fingerprint unlocking more accurate but, in the case of an iOS device, it won’t speed up the sensor if an OS update has slowed it down. This isn’t meant to improve the hardware capabilities of the device in any way. It helps the OS, within its current capacity, to learn your fingerprint more accurately.

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