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Manage Diabetes By Tracking Blood Sugar, Activity & Medication [iOS]

Diabetes, whether it’s type one or type two, needs to be managed. In most cases, people with the disease continue to live normal lives but a lot of it centers around monitoring your blood sugar and making sure it is in the normal range. Many people rely on small blood sugar monitors to keep track of sugar levels but most devices are basic with limited memory and recall features. One Drop is a free iOS app that lets you keep a record of your blood sugar, the mediciation you take, the foods you eat, and how much activity you have in a day. You can then view your history on a chart, see if you’re in the danger zone, and even compare your health with others who have diabetes.

One Drop doesn’t work with a digital blood sugar monitor so you will have to manually enter the readings you get on your monitor into the app. It does, however read data from the Health app. If you’ve used the My Fitness Pal app, you might find One Drop’s interface to be somewhat similar. Tap the One Drop button at the bottom to make an entry.

One Drop One Drop_chart

You can record your blood sugar, any medication you might have taken, food you might have consumed, and any physical activity you’ve done. Since One Drop reads data from the Health app, you can connect it so that it will automatically read and enter data from it. For each type of entry you make, the app provides helpful tags for knowing what activity/event/or place a certain entry might be associated with.

One Drop_blood_sugar One Drop_tags

From the app’s settings, you can set up your personal profile. It’s something you will have to do before you can really start using the app. Your profile includes your basic information, what type of diabetes you have, and the medication you’re on. You can also enter the ‘normal’ range for your blood sugar.

One Drop_settings One Drop_medication

The only concern I have with this app is that the medical information, the blood sugar readings at least, appear to be public and there isn’t any way to make them private. Other than that, the app is a pretty comprehensive tracking tool for diabetics.

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